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Pumpkin Patch
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Pumpkin Patch

For any heroic expedition to even reach the realms in or around Von Drakk’s Manor - one must first cross the Witch’s Weald. A swampy region of ghost lights and cackling crones. By far the most fitting for this time of year, this pumpkin crested spawn point puts some real creepy critters into the dungeons!


Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch


The first of the dangers you will face will be swarms of rather curious enemies. The leathery snap of the skull bats wings will be the clue that you are about to be swarmed.


Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch


With so many wonderful skulls just sitting road-side in the realm, it would only be natural that bored little kids in necromancer school will stitch their first skull bat fireside with their masters instruction!


Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch


Assuming you are not nibbled to death under their relentless assault, witches circle at the edges of the firelight, casting arcane bolts into the melee. Should they get close enough, beware not to look them directly in the eye, lest you are enchanted!


Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch


Though there are a bevy of things an eccentric witch might turn you into, it is most likely, and most stable of them, to transform you into a miserable toad!  There are not enough princesses around just handing out kisses, so beware.


Super Dungeon Pumpkin PatchSuper Dungeon Pumpkin Patch


And last, but not least, should you smash through the skull bats, and shoo off the witches, watch your path for the sticky strands of giant crypt spiders lying in wait for a tasty meal!


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