Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!
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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

We want to celebrate our favorite time of year with this seasons celebration Candy - Candy, Mistress of Darkness and her erstwhile partner in confectionary crime, Trick-or-Treat Cola!  This season has a lot to unlock for fans of Super Dungeon Masterclass collectors and players, starting with this dynamic duo.


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress of Darkness
Candy, Mistress of Darkness is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Candy likes to dress up for all the exciting parties during the Harvest season, join her on epic and whimsical adventures in her attire as the Mistress of Darkness! Never to bat an eye at danger, our macabre maiden will certainly be at the center of your creepy themed adventures!  Just pair her up with like themed compatriots for a real good time!  Not only is Trick-or-Treat Cola a good option, but what about the Fed-Up Farmer, Jack Scarecrow, Night Hunter, and the Witch Exterminator - all would be a ghoulishly good pairing! 

Super Dungeon Trick-or-Treat Cola
Trick-or-Treat Cola is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


But be sure to share your candy with Cola, he has brought along a Tame Gourd to help him get into the candy bowls set out of his reach, and he will use whatever means necessary to ensure his holiday larder is filled to the brim with sticky sweets!

We are also introducing this season, the seasonably scary Rotten Pumpkin creeps and the Corrupted Harvest spawning point!


Super Dungeon Rotten Pumpkins
Rotten Pumpkins is a Pets & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


Get into the mood with a festive table full of the Dark Consuls newest recruits! Populate your dungeons with vine strewn rooms of nasty spirited, enchanted Rotten Pumpkins! Sure, kicking a few here and there is good fun, but they are numerous, and get all kinds of goop on your good dungeoneering boots!


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest
Corrupted Harvest is a Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


Beware as well, as you venture into the high rows of corn and wheat, the rusted blades of the Crow Eaters! The harvest time can bring out the worst in the a farmer’s, usually plucky, Scarecrows! These strawmen are nasty creatures who will drag off unsuspecting adventurers to be stitched into new friends to play in the fields with!

We are looking forward to this and more as we go in to the holiday season!


Unpleasant Dreams And Happy Halloween!


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