Randy, Lrod of Spiders

Randy, Lrod of Spiders
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What has 8 legs and sleeps with one eye open?

The last galaxy is a place where mighty knights clash with the forces of the void, and a battle for survival rages. But that doesn’t mean that the arcades will manage themselves. Randy has been charged with the sacred duty of managing one such arcade. Annoyed at customers who continually vaporize his place of work with high tech weaponry, Randy decided to program himself into his favorite game. But a typo prevented him from being a proper Lord, even in a game…

As his incarnation in Crystalia is indeed scary, he is the beast that scuttles in the forest’s leafy canopy, lying in wait for the next tasty morsel to appear below. All hail Randy, Lrod of Spiders! This salty Mini-Boss is returning one last time should anyone have missed the chance to get their hands on this crawley baddie. Randy, Lrod of Spiders, as his title firmly states, is indeed a LROD of spiders! Someday we will figure out what that means.


Super Dungeon Randy, Lrod of Spiders


As befits our lordly layabout, he has some wonderful and colorful abilities that make him a proper threat!  People up in your business? Hit them with Get Out! This Wave 1, Push 3 attack will have heroes scurrying for cover. Should all that hollerin’ get you tired, set up for a Power Nap, Heal 1 for good measure. Then if all else fails, Randy will call on his loyal and faceless minions to do his bidding in a last resort with Summon Minions! Instantly spawning 2 skull-points of monsters within three squares of Randy, then Randy suffers 2 wounds.


Super Dungeon Randy, Lrod of Spiders


It will take a few more bonks than normal to put Randy, Lrod of Spiders to route. Use him in conjunction with Surefoot minions, not only for the summons, but also for Randy’s WEBS, one of his special rules. Webs ensures that 2 squares in every direction around Randy are difficult terrain, and his own Surefoot means that he will never really get in his own way. Even if you can keep your distance, his 2 Green Dex and Range 6 attack means that he can keep up a pretty good rate of fire, flinging whatever he has on hand at you. (Usually, bottles, cans, or whatever sharp implements are lying about.)

Be sure to get your claws on Randy, LROD of Spiders before he's gone, never to be seen again.


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