Relic Knights Accounts Migration

Relic Knights Accounts Migration

We have begun the account and Kickstarter order history migration from the old Soda Pop Miniatures store to the Ninja Division website! We have started with the Relic Knights Kickstarter order history.

New and Existing Accounts

If you already have an account on this site, your Relic Knights Kickstarter order history will automatically be attached to that account as long as your Soda Pop account and Ninja Division account share the same e-mail address.

If you didn't create a new account on this website (as suggested if you were not able to login), we created a new account for you using your Soda Pop account e-mail address. This account will contain your Soda Pop account history for Kickstarter orders. (ONLY Relic Knights Kickstarter orders at the moment.) It is now ready for you to access.

If you created a new account on this website and the e-mail address you used is different than the one for your Soda Pop account you now have two accounts. Please contact us at and we will work to get your accounts together.

Shipping Address Changes

You are now able to change your shipping address yourself through your account tools!

If you need to change your shipping address for existing orders, you need to open the order in your account and you will find the option to do it there. 

Kickstarter Order Details

Details for pledge rewards are available on each project's Kickstarter page.

Through the Ninja Division website you will be able to see what pledges and add-ons you ordered. You are not able to open each order item individually to see the specific details, that information is on the Kickstarter itself. 

Remember, we have only begun the order history migration for the Relic Knights Kickstarter. If you backed another Kickstarter and completed your pledge through the Soda Pop Store, don't worry! The rest of the accounts and order histories will follow as soon as we can.

Please don't e-mail us asking about account migration updates for other Kickstarters. We are currently not able to reply individually, we will let you know as the next batch are up—as we are doing now.

Additional Help

If you have any problems accessing this newly migrated information, please e-mail us at with all the information you have.

Please use KS - Relic Knights Help as the subject of your e-mail so that we can identify those e-mails right away.

Please be patient while waiting for a reply, we do reply to all e-mails in the order they come in, and that might take more than a day due to the high volume of e-mails received.


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.


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