Relic Knights New Releases!

Relic Knights New Releases!
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Relic Knights New Releases!

Relic Knights gets a slew of new releases today. Many are resin favorites for Cerci Speed Circuit, Doctrine, Shattered Sword, and Noh Empire that are newly available. We also introduce the brand new Hell's Belles sculpts!

Hell's Belles



The Hell’s Belles are a strange mix of either native would-be racers or the sort of fan who hangs around racetracks and swoons as the pack goes by. Nothing thrills these girls like flying down crowded streets, weaving between vehicles, and scaring the living daylights out of pedestrians. They're equally as eager to test their speed on the battlefield, dodging fire and striking targets that are too slow to respond. It’s the gang’s one real weakness: they’re addicted to speed, every last one of them.

Faust's Devils

The people that Asger Faust has gathered to him over the years are some of the hardest, most dedicated criminals on Cerci. And they’re a huge part of his continued success and good health. People call them Faust’s Devils. They think it’s a clever name, and maybe it is. These crooks are much more than greedy flunkies. Faust understood very early that you’ve got to have honor among thieves. He only keeps the most competent, skilled, and loyal operators. The best thing you can do is avoid the whole lot, but if you can’t or won’t, then treat the Devils like an extension of Faust himself.

Star Lancer

The Star Lancer is an expanded version of the Paragon’s vaunted Aegis armor and fills a specialized niche in our forces, one we see an increasing need for in the coming cycles. The suit has comparable protection and maneuverability to the standard paragons. They still have slightly less protection but compensate with improved targeting systems and increased range and power on their paired plasma lances. The Star Lancer is primarily a ranged combatant, though it can stab targets with the lances as well as any other Aegis variants. Their ability to focus their beams is remarkable, and when combined, they can—and regularly do—threaten starships.

Har Ancient

Harelzenbul is the head that embodies Nozuki’s divine madness, and the members of Dragon Fleet Har are both blessed and cursed by it. Among the Har, a disproportionate number of males serve in the temple as Kuvri, the seers and prophets who guide the Har. Among Kuvri none are more infamous than those who rise to the status of ancient Ancient. These noh have almost completely lost themselves to the raw, roiling, chaotic glimpses into the unfiltered mind of Nozuki. Their counsel is always insightful, if strange, and directions always fruitful, if not always obviously so.


The Catalogue is based on the Librarian design, but is built for ranged offense rather than melee defense. It carries ingenious esper condensers that pull power from its surroundings without damaging them. This power is focused into a massive esper projector fitted with an aether-sight targeting array. Additionally, Catalogues are constructed from alchemically treated and esper-imbued stone. The wards on their bodies are strong enough, and the stone dense enough, to let them shrug off a staggering amount of damage. The combination of durability and ranged devastation makes Catalogues popular additions to those expeditions into unknown space, and the lorekeepers bring them along whenever possible.

Diamond Corps Field Medic

Field medics have always endured equal or greater danger than the rest of us. Like most historical examples, Black Diamond field medics do not carry weapons. (Well, not officially, anyway.) Instead, they carry a fantastic personal force field as mobile cover. Seriously, these things are wonders of compact energy projection and esper strengthening technology. All Diamond Corps are qualified in basic first aid and rudimentary battlefield medicine. Allowing the medics to take care of more sophisticated, involved, or dangerous procedures.  Make no mistake, though; their job is to get you up and back in the fight, and they’re very good at it.

Add these new units to your Relic Knights cadres today!

 Please Note: If you are a Kickstarter backer, these units are available as part of the Masterclass Kickstarter Fulfillment Plan.

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