Relic Knights Overview: Part 1

Relic Knights Overview: Part 1


Relic Knights Overview: Part 1

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is a fast-paced tabletop miniature game which brings the frenetic energy and over-the-top action of anime and video games straight to your tabletop. Take on the role of a Knight, and battle for the fate of the Last Galaxy with overwhelming firepower, over-the-top martial arts, or brain-melting psychic attacks!


Relic Knights


Pit two or more players against one another with eight factions to choose from, each fitting a unique playstyle and aesthetic.  These Cadres are highly thematic, giving you a wide choice of how you want to play-out an epic conflict to decide the very fate of the universe!



Relic Knights does not use deployment zones. Instead, players take turns placing objects and then units onto the board.  The only limitation is objectives can’t be placed too close to each other and must be accessible.  Units can’t start too close to an enemy unit or objective but can be deployed anywhere else on the table!


Relic Knights


This speedy set up means that the action starts as soon as the game starts. There is no downtime, as soon as you draw your first hand of Esper cards, you’re in an intense fight for survival. This method of deployment also helps to give melee units an edge in a game where every gun can shoot across the entire board!


Movement and Activation

Shooting and psychic attacks in Relic Knights have infinite range, technology in the Last Galaxy is brutal and efficient!

Positioning your models to do the most damage to your opponent while keeping them safe is vital.  Keeping your units from being seen by the enemy is the only way to make sure they aren’t attacked, so finding cover and using terrain is paramount!


Relic Knights


However, your units don’t have to sit out in the open any time they want to attack.  In Relic Knights, when a unit activates, it gets to move, then it gets to take an action, then it may move again. This allows your units to pop up, get off a shot, then run to the next piece of cover. The combination of infinite range with Relic Knights’ hit and run play style creates a dynamic and intense experience where you’re always darting to the next piece of terrain and always looking for the next angle for the perfect shot.

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