Relic Knights Overview: Part 2

Relic Knights Overview: Part 2


Relic Knights Overview: Part 2

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is all about strategic challenge and intense narrative exploits. Every fresh skirmish creates a fast-paced game where resource management and shrewd positioning determine the victor.


Relic Knights


Never forget the objective of the game, it’s not something as simple as surviving to the turn limit or wiping out your opponent.


Resource Management

Relic Knights has a masterful resource management system represented using tokens and the Esper Deck. This forces you to choose the best time to strike and unleash your most powerful attacks. Your hand of Esper cards represents the ebb and flow of your Cadre’s energy and determination through the battle. You only have so many cards in your hand, so you must ration them and decide which actions are the most important.


Relic Knights


Power Tokens can be allocated to Units if they don’t activate. These tokens can be discarded for special attacks and abilities or bolster your hand by drawing additional Esper from the deck. This is just one more mechanic which lets you craft the cinematic anime narrative as a natural part of gameplay while you annihilate your enemies!



There are three levels of scenario to pick. You can scale up from a brief Encounter to a lightning Skirmish or an epic Clash. You can take your gaming experience further using the Advanced Missions. Batter your opponent into submission in Murder Pinball, swipe and stash the loot in Heist, or hunt down their leader in Cut Off The Head. Relic Knights is action-packed adventure that you play your way.


Relic Knights


There are no turn or time limits, so you play every game through to a thrilling end. The game ends once a player scores the required victory points and you are never left wondering what could have happened. You finish on a climactic note at the height of an epic combat or tactical decision that got you your final points. 

So, what are you waiting for? Will you be a knight that will saves the Last Galaxy or will you watch it burn... 

The Last Galaxy Awaits!




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