Relic Knights: The Basics

Relic Knights: The Basics

 Relic Knights: The Basics

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition brings a fresh flexible gaming system where the excitement and mayhem begin immediately.  Players will need to determine a few things before launching into a Relic Knights battle.

Before players recruit their Cadres, they must first decide what game size they will play. The game size determines how many points each player has to recruit their Cadre, the number of command tokens that each player gets, how many objectives each player deploys and how many victory points players need to win the game.


Relic Knights


A player turn is broken down into two phases, Activation and Clean-Up. During Activation phase your units move, act, move and resolve any resultant abilities or effects.

When it is your turn, you use command tokens to activate or perform actions with your units. Each turn, you must place two command tokens on your units. When the first command token is placed, complete that unit’s activation or actions before placing the second command token in order to activate another unit.


Relic Knights Digest Rulebook


During your turn you place two command tokens to activate two different units. Simultaneous pairing two units at once allows you to set up interesting combos on the fly; you could use the first unit to push the second up the field to score an objective, have the first unit place an Area of Effect token that buffs the second unit, or fire off two powerful attacks!

Once the player has finished placing command tokens and activating their units, they begin the turn’s Clean-up.  During every Clean-up the active player must discard down to five Esper cards in their hand, if all of your command tokens are on the board, they are also returned to their dashboard.


Relic Knights


Players take turns manoeuvring and making their attacks, racking up victory points along the way. You can score victory points by grabbing objectives or destroying opposing units, and you even gain additional points for taking out the enemy leader! Once one player has enough points to win, the game ends.

Keeping it simple keeps it fast. You respond in real time to each cut and thrust of your opponent’s strategy, think quick to stay ahead of the game! That’s it! No complications or limitations to building up the excitement and action of your crushing defeat or great victory.


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