Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Spotlight

Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Spotlight

The Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures have been available for three months and will only be available through August 31st.

Over that short time, we have already seen some incredible paint jobs on social media and sent to us directly. We wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of these awesome paint jobs.

Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Pet Pack

Jenna and Philip O'Connor, from Australia, knocked it out of the park with their incredible work on the Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Pet Pack. The bold colors and sharp details are absolutely stunning.

Bang-Bang x Super Dungeon

Leopold Magnus x Super Dungeon

Tahariel x Super Dungeon

Simon Strauss, from USA, sent us pictures of the entire painted range of Relic Knights x Super Dungeon models. We love the details he captured on the faces and his superb eye work on Tahariel and Bang-Bang, while Leopold looks appropriately dark and sinister.

Tahariel x Super Dungeon

We have featured the work of Rachel Frost, from USA, in previous community spotlights and her work on Tahariel doesn't fail to impress!

Super Dungeon Bang-Bang Leopold

Rachael also painted up Bang-Bang is some striking blacks. While Will Neill brings us another brooding rendition of Leopold Magnus. (We wonder if it speaks to some perception of Leopold's character?)

These wonderful works of art are just a couple of examples the beautiful paint jobs we have seen of the Relic Knights x Super Dungeon miniatures so far. If you have your own painted versions, we would love to see them!

If you don't already have your own Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Masterclass Miniatures, now is your last chance before they are gone!


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