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Fireball! Fireball! Uppercut!

Even when relaxing, Ren feels the need to destroy. He is right at home as a proverbial berzerker, blowing through hordes of enemy minions with his empty hand style of fighting!


Super Dungeon Ren


Hard to kill and harder to beat in a fight, Ren has Tough, meaning he recovers wounds at during upkeep should he be injured. Beware his Rage! When activated he will make a melee attack after every movement point spent but at the expense of his ARM which is reduced to a single blue dice, regardless of any equipment he may have.


Super Dungeon Ren


With Fury's Blood he has a Deadly Defense, which means that he is dealing damage to enemies on critical defense rolls, performing impressive Ura (reversals). “Stop hitting yourself” he will cry mercilessly as enemies tip over left and right under the assault. Bring this gi-clad powerhouse today. If you don’t think you can, shoryuken!


Fists Of Fury!


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