The Saga of Rinny-Ping-Peng

The Saga of Rinny-Ping-Peng

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The saga of Super Dungeon’s Rinny-Prin-Peng

“Into bed my sweet bairns. Do it quick and Granny Sif will tell you a tale. When your gran was still a wee lass, my gran told me this tale, and she was told it by her gran, and she by hers, stretching back sixteen generations. The tale of Rinny-Prin-Peng.”

“When the clans were still united, before the Breaking of the Hearth or the Song of the Sea called our people, a great winter gripped the Reach. This was no ordinary snow like those that cover our lands today, blanketing our lands in stillness and peace. No, this was the Argelmir, the return of the First Frost, disturbed and returned by the battles of Elrik and Hoarfang.”

“The Argelmir froze the snows until they were as rock, and the Deeproot could grant no life to tree nor crop. Our people found sanctuary only beneath the earth in our newly carved halls. But the Hearthholds within the Reach were still young and small and could not support us all. To our shame, many were left upon the surface to face the bitter cold alone.”


Super Dungeon: Rinny-Ping-Peng


“But we dwarves are enured to adversity and we do not bow or break easily. And so the frozen clans fought to survive the return of the First Frost until day it found peace and would slumber again. There are many stories of those heroic days, when the first who would become the Brinebreakers built our legacy. But there were many tragedies too. Among those was a clan that had dwindled to only two. A mother and her infant son.”

“For weeks she had given herself so that he may live, and now the Ancestors sang her song to welcome her home. She heard the song and in its verse her son was also called. In sorrow and anger, she cursed Argelmir for denying her son his life. With her dying breath, she cast her despair to the sky and snow and sea, calling to any who would answer and grant her son life.”

“Her cry was heard by the Deeproot whose roots of gnarled pines still fought for life deep within frozen soil. In grace, it sent a nearby colony of pengs to the mother. They found the child still held tight in frozen arms. The pengs counseled amongst themselves until the Emperor, at last, chose to rescue the child and raise him as his own.”


Super Dungeon: Rinny-Prin-Peng


“But the child could not survive the Argelmir as he was, so each peng from the colony gifted the boy with a single feather. From these, the Empress wove a cloak and swaddled the child within. Then, she bestowed him with a new name, Rinny-Prin-Peng, in honor of her father. As the name was given, Rinny-Prin awoke from his winter sleep and his loud and mighty ‘Quonk!’ delighted all the colony.”

“Days were hard, even for the peng, but Rinny-Prin grew fast and true. By four winters he could out-slide and out-fish any peng in the colony, including the Emperor himself. His charm and wit made him a favorite among his peers. As the years passed, his adopted family aged but, Rinny-Prin possessed an agelessness not held by normal pengs. Rinny-Prin remained as eternal as the stone that was his original birthright.”

“Eventually the wars between Elrik and Hoarfang ground from grueling stalemate to bitter truce and the Argelmir began to slumber once again. The peoples of the Reach ventured from their shelters. Civilization began to return to the surface. “In time the Emperor named his adopted son heir of the colony. Rinny-Prin declined. His calling was a different one.”


Super Dungeon: Rinny-Prin-Peng


The First Frost had receded, but the world was growing darker. The Argelmir’s new sleep was not as deep as before, the servants of Elrik and Hoarfang still skirmished throughout the realm, and Ymnir Wintersson had fallen and betrayed the Jotnar. The Reach had never been kind, but new dangers stalked the land and Heroes were needed. Rinny-Prin would heed the call of Crystalia to push back the shadow.”

“Since that time, Rinny-Prin has had countless adventures and saved more innocents than your old gran can count. He has traveled beyond the Frostbyte to thank the Deeproot for answering his mother’s call, hunted goblins in the sewers of the Clockwork Cove, explored the Blasted Tombs of Arcadia, and belly-slid down the Rainbow Falls of Celestia. Some say he’s even traveled to the Midnight Tower to fight the Mistress of Chains, taking the time to throw a fish at the Midnight Queen on his way out! 

“I do not know which of these tales are true. But this I know. And know it true as the tide. If you find yourself caught in Argelmir’s waking and frozen unto death—do not lose hope. Before you hear the Ancestor’s Song, Rinny-Prin will find you and return you to your gran.”


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