Rolling Stars: Dungeon Boss Bomechan

Rolling Stars: Dungeon Boss Bomechan
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Playing Bomechan and her Ijin Oni Bodyguards

Bomechan storms into Super Dungeon as the the dungeon boss for Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island. But she's not really one for a fair fight, so she's bringing her Ijin Oni as bodyguards! This issue of Rolling Stars explores how to make best use of Bomechan in battle.

Super Dungeon Explore Devil Island Bomechan


Hahaha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Ijin value strength above all else, so it is no surprise that Bomechan has risen through their ranks to become the Ijin pirate queen. Bomechan is always hungry for a challenge, testing her might against any worthy opponent. She charges into battle for the sheer thrill of it, laughing and swinging her massive tetsubo as her enemies cower before her. She is the living embodiment of clan Ijin strength.

What's on the Card

Bomechan is a glass cannon. She has great strength with 2R 2G, especially when combined with her Rampage ability that grants her an additional blue die to offensive actions for each spawning point that was destroyed (and, being a dungeon boss, all three spawning points will likely be destroyed by the time she is in play). She has a very easy time pummeling the Heroes, and likely scoring some devastating critical hits, but her armor and wounds are slightly below average for a dungeon boss. She is also very mobile with a movement of seven and the Surefoot ability, allowing her to ignore difficult terrain squares.

In addition to this, Bomechan has the Predator ability. This allows her to attack any Heroes that try to move away from her. This can be used to prevent the Heroes from repositioning, but it can also be combined with her Show of Strength action. Show of Strength allows Bomechan to move Heroes away from her as they flee in terror, and when they move away she can use her Predator ability to make an attack against them.

Of course, that’s not all she has in order to grind the Heroes into a fine pulp. Bomechan’s A Tetsubo For Every Face action is a melee attack with Burst 2. This attack affects a large area of the board and can be used to hit multiple Heroes at once. In fact, if your Legends campaign gets to the scenario A Visit From Bomechan, she gets the drop on the Heroes and can make great use of this action!

Finally, Bomechan’s Smoke Bomb action grants Stealth, making her more difficult to target in case she needs to try to prevent some attacks from the Heroes. After all, what is a ninja dungeon boss without a smoke bomb?

Super Dungeon Explore Ijin Oni

Where Bomechan leads, the Oni follow.

The oni that roam Ijin lands are brutal and fierce, just like the clan that they fight alongside. The Ijin void witches have bartered an unlikely peace with these oni, and while they are fearsome allies, they do not truly follow the Ijin. That is, except for Bomechan. The Ijin Oni do not simply follow Bomechan out of obligation, they truly see her as one of their own, and their leader.

What's on the Card

Ijin Oni have amazing strength, and are perfect for dealing with those pesky Heroes. Like all Ijin, they have the Rampage ability, making them more deadly as spawning points are destroyed. They also have Bodyguard, allowing them to protect a Mini-Boss or Dungeon Boss in an adjacent square. This makes them perfect companions for Bomechan who benefits greatly from a little more defense. In fact, they work so well with Bomechan that she adds an additional Ijin Oni to the game’s spawning pool and spawns them when she comes into play and during her Timeout!

The Ijin Oni’s unique action, To The Heavens, is a Sweep 2 melee attack, allowing it to hit multiple Heroes at once. It also pushes the Heroes and gives them the Immobile status effect, sweeping them out of position and then preventing them from moving. This action works amazingly with Bomechan, who can make an attack against any Heroes that move away from her using her Predator ability.

Ijin Oni are the perfect compliment to Bomechan, and together they are a fearsome match for any party of Heroes!

If you dare to face Bomechan and her oni bodyguards you can find them in the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter.


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