Rolling Stars: Hexcast Sorceress and Hearthsworn Fighter

Rolling Stars: Hexcast Sorceress and Hearthsworn Fighter
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Playing the Hexcast Sorceress and Hearthsworn Fighter

For this installment of Super Dungeon: Rolling Stars we take a look at the Hexcast Sorceress and Hearthsworn Fighter, who are both available as part of the Classic Hero limited set.

Hexcast Sorceress

You cannot trust in your strength alone. I will shatter it as surely as a hammer upon glass.

The Cursed Tower is easily the most controversial tower in all of Crystalia. Composed entirely of witches which specialize in curses, poxes, plagues, and other nasty business, it is constantly blamed for every sickness, malady, or blight which strikes Crystalia. Preferring the title Sorcerer or Sorceress to distance themselves from the negative connotations of witchcraft, the Hexcasts endure the rumors and insults with the knowledge that their aims are just. Indeed, the Hexcasts are masters of everything of which they are accused, but they apply that knowledge in defense of Crystalia. Many Hexcasts are brave adventurers, their aid vital in weakening and stopping monsters too terrible for Heroes to defeat otherwise. 

What's on the Card

As her name suggests, the Hexcast Sorceress is not much for high powered attributes until you examine her WILL, where she possesses an absolutely incredible 2B 1R with a basic Magic Attack with a range of 8 squares. Out of the gate this makes her an incredibly solid choice. However, a look at her unique actions reveal her true power. 

Packing three red offensive actions which all cost a single action point, while also inflicting a status effect makes the Hexcast Sorceress one of the best support mages in the game. While those status effects have no effect on 1 Heart monsters (Since she just zaps them anyway!), they are absolutely brutal against multiple wound monsters and can be the key to victory against mini-bosses and dungeon bosses. Frozen Feet inflicts Ice, which denies monsters the ability to use unique actions. Hobbled Hands inflicts Hex, which forces monsters to discard their highest dice result when making offensive actions. Broken Bones inflicts Bane, which forces monsters to discard their highest dice result when making defense rolls. This trio of status effects are three of the most potent in the game. Combined with a decent loot or treasure load-out the Hexcast Sorceress all but cripple even the most powerful monsters.

Finally, don't forget her potion Wizards Wings, which grants both +1B WILL and the ability to Fly. This allows the Hexcast Sorceress to buff her own attacks while also granting the most powerful movement ability in Super Dungeon. (Outside of those pesky teleports!)

When taken in combination, the Hexcast Sorceress is a Hero that can start slow in the early game when all she has is 1 Heart minions to destroy, but becomes invaluable late game when the heavy hitters arrive!

Hearthsworn Fighter

We're not stubborn. We merely protect what is ours. And that there rogue you're standin' on may be a pain in the arse, but she's our pain in the arse.

The doughty and stubborn Hearthsworn Dwarves never relent, never back down from a fight, and never say no to a good stiff drink. All dwarves are trained to fight. While most conclude their training and take up a trade for guild or clan, there are always a few who just can’t give up, or pass up, a good scrap. These irascible dwarves become fighters. They are afforded no true title, it seems a waste, after all, what do they do besides fight? And a true Hearthsworn Fighter doesn’t care about such trivialities as titles anyway. No, all they need is to find another fight!

What's on the Card

The Hearthsworn Fighter comes swinging straight into your heart with a powerful STR of 2B and 1R. This is backed up by a stout ARM of 2R, 6 Hearts, and an immunity to Knockdown and Poison, which all allow the Hearthsworn Fighter to wade right into the thick of things and know he's going to keep standing against whatever the Consul can throw. Watch out though. Those high attributes are accounted for by substandard WILL and DEX of 2B. If he ever gets in a situation where he's reliant on those attributes you need to make sure his axe takes care of the problem fast! (Using an axe is the only form of problem resolution after all.)

Speaking of using that axe, the Cleave unique offensive action provides the Sweep area affect, hitting any three adjacent squares along one side of the Hearthsworn Fighter's own square. At only 1 action point, Cleave is an economical way to clear out hordes of minions. Be careful though, it's also Dangerous and will hit friendly models as well! If you're finding that monsters aren't grouping up to make good use of Cleave, use the support action Dwarven Curse. This Wave 3 action pits the Hearthsworn Fighter's STR against monsters' WILL, and allows him to Pull any monsters that fail closer to him. Remember, that a pull just needs to bring monsters closer to the Hearthsworn, so creative us can line them up for Cleave or into deadly tile effects.

While the Hearthsworn Fighter has a gruff exterior, he's a big softy when it comes to his adventuring party and this shows in his potion Hero's Balm. Hero's Balm allows the drinker to transfer wounds from Hero to themselves. Awwwwwwwww. With 6 Hearts the Hearthsworn Fighter is naturally suited for using Hero's Balm, especially when equipped with loot or treasure which provides additional Hearts. (Or when hanging out with a Royal Paladin.)

The Hearthsworn Fighter isn't a subtle Hero, but he excels at what he does, mowing down minions and taking punishment! In fact, he's a perfect compliment to the Hexcast Sorceress who specializes in hard target destruction. 

If you'd like to add the Hexcast Sorceress and Hearthsworn Fighter to your adventuring party they are both available as part of the Classic Hero limited set!


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