Rolling Stars: Ibaraki-doji and Clan Ijin

Rolling Stars: Ibaraki-doji and Clan Ijin
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Rampage Through Super Dungeon with Ibaraki-doji and Clan Ijin!

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island features three spawning points of terrifying Clan Ijin ninja all bent on destroying your Heroes. In this Rolling Stars we learn how to use Clan Ijin to best effect, as well as how to unleash their inner demons with the mini-boss Ibaraki-doji.

Super Dungeon Explore Ijin Madoushi

Ijin Madoushi

Clan Ijin, blades out!

Ijin Madoushi are secretive practitioners of Ijin magic. They have learned the ways of the void witches, and they use this knowledge to whip their fellow Ijin into a blood frenzy. Of course, all power has a price, and there are those that say the Madoushi have found a way to commune with the Dark Consul, a power most on Kagejima are not even aware of.

Super Dungeon Explore Devil Island Ijin Madoushi

What's on the Card

Ijin Madoushi are the spawning points in the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter. As Active Spawning Points, they are very different from conventional spawning points because they can move around the board and even attack the Heroes! When it comes to Clan Ijin, even the spawning points fight back.

Of course, they are good for more than just getting in an attack. The Ijin Madoushi also have the Blood Frenzy action. This action gives all friendly monsters on the Madoushi’s tile Improved Critical, making monsters' critical hits deal an extra wound. With Clan Ijin’s high attack stats, this is an excellent buff. The action does come at a price in that it deals a wound to the Madoushi, but a clever Consul can use this to destroy the Madoushi, increasing the Ijin’s Rampage, and giving them Improved Critical all at the same time!

Super Dungeon Explore Ijin Kaiken

Ijin Kaiken

You are trespassing on Ijin lands, outsider.

Kaiken are the foot soldiers of Clan Ijin. But they are not mere cannon fodder, or soldiers pressed into duty. Every Kaiken has earned his or her place through a test of might and endured a lifetime of hard work and training to get to where they are. Behind every slash of a Kaiken’s blade is years of practice and blood.

What's on the Card

Ijin Kaiken are simple, but effective, models. With only one heart and costing only a single skull point they will be a common choice when the Consul spawns monsters. They have decent movement and strength, and they are distinguished from the Kunoichi and Yajiri by their higher armor.

Like all Ijin, the Kaiken have the Rampage ability. This ability grants them an additional blue die to offensive actions for each spawning point that was destroyed this game. This makes them more dangerous as the game progresses, and keeps the Ijin scaling in power along with the Heroes. It also perfectly represents the Ijin’s anger at their homeland being attacked while forcing the Heroes to make tough choices about when to destroy a spawning point and risk the Ijin’s wrath.

Kaiken are a common site on an Ijin battlefield with good reason.

Super Dungeon Explore Ijin Yajiri

Ijin Yajiri

The bolt in your shoulder was the warning shot.

Ijin do not leave the fight for petty reasons like being elderly, getting sick, or suffering crippling wounds. These things simply give an Ijin character. Even so, nobody can wield a blade forever. So when the Ijin can no longer swing a sword, they pick up a crossbow, and dip the bolts into a concoction made by one of the Void Witches, because what fun is a clean bolt?

What's on the Card

Ijin Yajiri are the primary source of ranged attacks for the monsters in the Devil Island boxed set. With a range of six they can sit back and take pot-shots at the Heroes. The best thing is that they have Poison, so any successful attack from a Yajiri will apply the Poison status effect to its target, reducing the Hero’s action points by one. This makes them incredibly valuable pieces in the Ijin strategy, but use them carefully, in a completely Clan Ijin dungeon you will only have three in your spawning pool!

Like all Ijin, the Yajiri have Rampage, making them a force to be reckoned with as the game progresses!

Super Dungeon Explore Ijin Kunoichi

Ijin Kunoichi

Are those stars in your eyes, or did my shuriken find their mark?

Kunoichi are the elite warriors of Clan Ijin. While the Ijin value strength above all else, there are times when cunning is called for. In these instances, the Kunoichi are put to the task. They are experts in infiltration, subterfuge, and diversion. Of course, being Ijin, they are perfectly happy slicing their way to the heart of a problem with their blade if they get the chance.

What's on the Card

Kunoichi are an interesting monster to utilize because they can be used either at range or up close. With a movement of seven and Surefoot to ignore that cumbersome difficult terrain, they can easily get into position to launch their shuriken from four squares away. But if they do have the opportunity to get up close, they can use their impressive 2R strength to hack away at the Heroes. And that’s not even accounting for the Rampage ability!

The Kunoichi’s Shuriken Storm action is Sweep 3, meaning it can hit multiple Heroes at once. And their Smoke Bomb action grants them and nearby models Stealth, making them perfect models to use for hit and run attacks before joining a firing line of Yajiri and dropping some smoke for cover. 

Ijin Kunoichi are a flexible and useful monster in any situation!

**Looking for the Ijin Oni? You can find his Rolling Stars article alongside Bomechan!

Super Dungeon Explore Ibaraki-doji


Leave the strongest for me.

Ibaraki-Doji has risen to the rank of chunin among the Ijin due to his sheer strength and ruthlessness. These traits go beyond him, and any warriors who fight under his command rise to supreme acts of might and aggression upon hearing his feral call to arms. He never speaks when he is in battle, he lets the clash of blades and screams of his enemies speak for him.

What's on the Card

Ibaraki-Doji is the mini-boss in the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter. He has impressive strength, made more frightening by the Ijin’s signature Rampage ability. This is a mini-boss that the Heroes will grow to dread.

His first action is Finish The Weak which grants him an additional blue dice to strength for every wound on his target, allowing him to easily finish off that last pesky wound. His next action is Double Slash, this action deals an additional wound thanks to Massive Damage and is far more likely to cause a critical thanks to Brutal Strike for a frightening potential of three wounds (or four wounds if a Madoushi gave him Improved Critical)! His last action, Battle Howl, is the most impressive one. This allows all friendly monsters to gain red dice due to Rampage instead of blue dice. Battle Howl turns the Ijin’s usually devastating attacks into an unstoppable avalanche of pain.

If you want to strike fear into the hearts of your Heroes, Ibaraki-Doji is the perfect mini-boss to add to your collection and lead Clan Ijin into battle!

If you want Ibaraki-doji and Clan Ijin to rampage through your dungeons you can get them in the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter!


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