Rolling Stars: Krampus in Arcade

Rolling Stars: Krampus in Arcade

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Playing Krampus in Super Dungeon: Arcade

I can see you when you’re sleeping. I can hear you when you’re crying. I can sniff you out when you’re hiding...

The winter solstice is a time of celebration in Crystalia: a warm fire, hot cocoa, and good friends gathered to exchange gifts. That is, at least, if you have been good. If you have been naughty, the solstice is a time of terror, cowering, and hiding from the Krampus as he stalks through the night, looking to punish all the disobedient boys and girls...

Super Dungeon Krampus Arcade Cards

What’s on the Card

Just like with the Explore version, the Krampus turns Heroes into Naughties if they misbehave by scoring criticals against him. Please have a look at the Rolling Stars article on how Krampus plays in Explore to see the Naughties and what that means for the party.

The Arcade version plays slightly differently, because Make Mischief is a signature action. If there is a Naughtie in play, you can always expect Krampus to turn it against the party. Also, the Hero gets to choose which Naughtie it gets turned into when it shapeshifts, forcing you to look at the different Naughties and think about which one would work best in the current situation. 

In addition to Make Mischief, the Krampus also has Into The Bag, a unique action that is devastating because it causes both Immobile and Hex. It also has the Grabbing Stick unique action, pulling Heroes towards his gaping maw while the Krampus gets in an attack!

Super Dungeon Krampus Challenge Cards

Challenge Deck

The Krampus is our very first dungeon boss to get its very own, unique, Boss Fight Challenge Deck!  The Boss Fight Challenge Deck was a new mechanic introduced to Super Dungeon: Arcade Second Edition. At the end of every Consul turn, if the dungeon boss is in play, you flip a card from the Boss Fight Challenge Deck and see what the dungeon boss does (in addition to its normal Move and Fight commands). Sometimes these Challenge cards will allow the dungeon boss to take its unique actions, gain armor, or a host of other fun and interesting effects! While Super Dungeon: Arcade Second Edition will come with a generic Boss Fight Challenge Deck, creating unique decks for each new boss in order to make them even more interesting was always a goal, and Krampus was the first opportunity we got to make one! Here are just a few of the cards you might encounter:

Super Dungeon Krampus Challenge Cards

Above are two examples of the Krampus’ unique Boss Fight Challenge cards. The Trap portion of the card is performed immediately when the card is drawn while the Challenge portion of the card stays in play and affects the following turn. He Sees You When You’re Sleeping transforms a Hero into a Naughty while also raising the Krampus’ armor. Better Not Pout renders the Heroes’ armor useless while allowing the Krampus to perform his Unique actions and maybe even forcing the party to heal him if the right Naughty is in play. There is at least one Boss Fight card that affects each available Naughty, so the Heroes will always be on their toes!

The Boss Fight Challenge Deck is a great tool for making every dungeon boss feel truly unique and fun, and we’re excited to unveil it with Krampus!

Krampus and Kringle are only available through January.


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