Rolling Stars: Krampus in Explore

Rolling Stars: Krampus in Explore

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Playing Krampus in Super Dungeon: Explore

I can see you when you’re sleeping. I can hear you when you’re crying. I can sniff you out when you’re hiding...

The winter solstice is a time of celebration in Crystalia with a warm fire, hot cocoa, and good friends gathered to exchange gifts. That is, at least, if you have been good. If you have been naughty, the solstice is a time of terror, cowering, and hiding from the Krampus as he stalks through the night, looking to punish all the disobedient boys and girls...

Super Dungeon Krampus

What’s on the Card

With a strength of 3B 2G and a will of 2R 2G, Krampus is well-equipped to destroy any Hero. It has a lower armor than most dungeon bosses, but this is compensated for with its abilities. You’ve Been Naughty shapeshifts any Hero that scores a critical against him into a Naughtie, turning his low armor into a potential asset as Heroes are more likely to score criticals. It's important to remember that this ability triggers regardless of the number of wounds caused. Meaning it can trigger even after Timeout. Once some Heroes have been transformed, Nom Nom Nom! allows the Krampus to heal whenever he destroys a Naughtie. Any dungeon boss that is rewarded for devouring the party is bound to be a good time!

The first action available to Krampus is Into The Bag. This devastating attack renders the target Immobile and Hexed, making its next activation difficult as it struggles to move or attack (it’s hard to move when you’re stuck in a sac, after all). The next action is the Grabbing Stick, which allows Krampus to move the target with compel, potentially setting it up to perform an attack for the Consul because with the final action, Make Mischief, the Krampus can force the Heroes to attack each other if they have been turned into Naughties!

Super Dungeon Krampus

The Krampus's Boss Fight card help's ensure that at least one Hero will always suffer the fate of being transformed into a Naughtie thanks to Caught Red Handed. This ability also provides a fun interaction with Kringle's own Nice List ability. Run Free, Children turns the Heroes upon themselves, allowing the Consul to use Naughties to attack the party. What fun!

Of course, a major part of Krampus are the Naughtie shapeshifts themselves, so let’s have a look:

Naughty Naughty

Super Dungeon Krampus Naughty

There are four unique Naughtie shapeshifts for the Krampus to transform naughty Heroes into. Each one having its own benefits and disadvantages for the Consul and Heroes alike.

Super Dungeon Krampus Naughty

Notice that each Naughtie can attack with melee, missile, or magic, meaning that any Hero can be turned into any Naughtie without rendering its gear useless. Of course, being turned into a Naughtie is a bad thing, as the Hero’s armor is significantly lowered and its attacks aren’t quite as powerful (not to mention that Krampus can force the Naughties to attack, or eat them to heal).

Super Dungeon Krampus Naughty

Even so, the Naughties are not designed to take options away from the party, each Naughty comes with its own unique set of actions and methods for turning back, forcing the party to think outside the box and adapt to what they have been given. This makes playing against the Krampus an interesting and new challenge for even the most experienced Heroes!

Super Dungeon Krampus Naughty

Krampus and its Naughties, along with Kringle are only available through January 31st. So don't delay if you want to bring some misery and terror to your games of Super Dungeon!

Terrorize Crystalia With Krampus Now!

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