Rolling Stars: Momotaro and Kiji

Rolling Stars: Momotaro and Kiji
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Playing Momotaro and Kiji

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island features four new Heroes for you to use to beat up some Ijin. This issue of Rolling Stars takes a look at playing Momotaro and Kiji.

Super Dungeon Explore Momotaro


What is right is always right.

Momotaro had mysterious, if humble, beginnings. Raised by peasants, his parents found him as a baby floating down a river in a giant peach. They considered him a gift from the gods, and he intends to live up to it. Strong, righteous, and impossible to deter, Momotaro has set off to Devil Island, in order to rid Kagejima of Ijin piracy once and for all. The Ijin had not done him or his family any wrong, but Momotaro knows of the evils they have committed along the coast, and he has set off on his journey to do what is right, even if there is nothing in it for him.

What's on the Card

Momotaro is a well-rounded Hero with great attack capabilities, actions that help the party work together, and a fantastic healing potion. His strength is 2B 1R which is as good as a base attack gets and allows him access to both hearts and potions. In addition to this, he has a hearty 2R for armor as well as the Tough ability, which allows him to heal a single wound every time he activates.

His Shooting Star attack is a brutal offensive action that knocks an enemy down as well as sends them flying, forcing them to take their time getting back up and into the action. Momotaro’s Coordinated Strike is perhaps his best action, potentially allowing all four Heroes to make an attack! This is the perfect thing to finish off a tough monster such as a Mini-Boss or even Bomechan herself! Finally, his Peach Tea green emergency potion allows you to potentially heal up to four wounds during the Consul’s turn.

All in all, Momotaro is a force to be reckoned with, and his rules reflect his strength and determination.

Super Dungeon: Explore Devil Island Kiji


The winds of change have arrived for Clan Ijin.

Kiji is a stoic and solemn member of the Ondori clan. He holds the past, tradition, and honor in high regard. As such, he considers the tactics and reckless nature of Clan Ijin an insult to Kagejima. In addition to this, the Ijin have stolen many valuable artifacts from the Ondori clan. In Kiji’s mind, this simply cannot stand. The pieces of Ondori history held by the Ijin must be returned. So when he met Momotaro during his journey, he was all too willing to help rid the world of the Ijin threat.

What's on the Card

Kiji has an interesting assortment of tricks to help the party. Although he has good movement, the rest of his stats are average. However, his Read The Wind ability allows him to roll a green die and place it on his card each time the party clears their activation tokens. He can discard the die to add it to any roll (by any Hero). This could aid with anything from adding four more stars to a desperate defense roll, to adding a heart and potion onto an already successful attack. He also pairs particularly well with Momotaro who has a healing potion that heals with a die roll! Where you choose to spend this green die is a fun and tactical part of playing Kiji.

Kiji’s first action is The Cutting Wind. This is a fairly standard wave attack, however wave attacks are necessary for any party, allowing them to clear out lots of monsters at once. His next action is Death From Above, which allows him to reposition as well as attack. Positioning with Kiji is particularly useful because his final action, Swoop In, allows him to trade places with any Hero in the dungeon. If used carefully this can be a vital and game-changing action, rocketing Momotaro forward for a final attack on Bomechan or putting Saru in position to accomplish a game-winning objective during the Legends campaign. On top of this, Kiji’s potion Egg Soup grants Fly, which is invaluable on any dungeon map with lots of difficult terrain (such as the water maps in the Devil Island box).

Kiji is the party’s toolbox. Use him carefully and you can face any challenge.

Momotaro and Kiji are both available as part of the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter which is available for preorder!


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