Rolling Stars: Royal Paladin and Ember Mage

Rolling Stars: Royal Paladin and Ember Mage
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Playing the Royal Paladin and Ember Mage

Rolling Stars returns as a new, regular feature where we will be exploring the gameplay of the many Heroes and monsters in Super Dungeon. 

It seemed only fitting for Rolling Stars to begin with the classic Heroes that started it all and are seeing a limited re-release this week!

Super Dungeon Royal Paladin

Royal Paladin

Let others bring the light of hope. We bring the fire of righteousness.

Royal Paladins belong to one of the numerous chartered orders of warriors dedicated both to honoring the Goddess and annihilating her enemies. These orders are fewer and smaller than the other knightly orders, as their exacting physical requirements are matched (or sometimes surpassed, such as in the Order of the Aurora Resplendent) by their spiritual prerequisite. Royal paladins are as much priests as soldiers, and their orders are recognized and chartered by both the priests of the Goddess and the Throne of Crystalia. Despite their small numbers, their robustness and martial prowess make Royal Paladins frequent sights at the forefront of many adventuring parties.

Super Dungeon Royal Paladin

What’s on the Card

The Royal Paladin is quite possibly the most well-rounded Hero in Super Dungeon, the Royal Paladin has a stout STR of 2R, which is quite good when paired with his Holy ability which. When it's time to really deliver the Goddess's vengeance, Smite is the way to go. For only 2 Action Points, This increases the paladin's STR by +1R, knocks down the target and sets it on fire! Even better, it adds yet another chance to roll a potion, and the Paladin’s Elixir potion is a powerhouse that can keep the party going strong well into the depths of a dungeon. It’s also an emergency potion, so it can be used during the Consul Turn, making this a beefy survival tool.

Speaking of survival, the paladin's ARM of 2B and 1R is exceptional, allowing him to wade into combat. Should he—or any other Hero within three squares—need a boost, his Iron Halo support action just flat increases ARM by +1B. Not too shabby, especially against hordes of minions.

Super Dungeon Ember Mage

Ember Mage

Fire is more than a mere tool of destruction. It is the physical manifestation of one's very spirit.

The Ember Tower stands as one of the most prestigious conclaves of wizards in all of Crystalia. With the rise of the Dark Consul, Ember Mages gained a reputation for fiery retribution and destruction. Because of this, the Ember Tower has become, rightly, famous for its combat prowess. But the Ember Tower traces its origins far beyond these troubled times. Ember Mages stood alongside the peoples of Crystalia when the Goddess still walked upon the land and bestowed her gift of creation and its practitioners range from fiery elementalists to meditative summoners of soulfire. 

Super Dungeon Ember Mage

What’s on the Card

At first glance, the Ember Mage's attributes may give you pause. A relatively low DEX of 1B 1R, a poor STR of 2B, and a perfectly average ARM of 3B make the Ember Mage delicate in physical confrontations. But, like all traditional mages, the Ember Mage is not meant for the front lines. Her will of 2R is combined with a basic magic attack with an 8 square range, meaning she can keep a healthy distance from the front lines. This potent attack is further augmented by the Fire ability, which makes it so that all of her successful offensive actions inflict Fire. This makes the Ember Mage an ideal candidate to go after multiple wound monsters.

Both of the Ember Mage's unique actions are red offensive actions and are meant to deliver maximum destruction. Fire Wave is (not surprisingly) a wave attack, hitting all models adjacent to the Ember Mage and is perfect for clearing out monsters that get to close. Magma Strike provides a hefty +3B WILL and can help the Ember Mage overcome mini-boss and dungeon boss level armor.

Finally, the Ember Mage is a rarity in her ability to carry two potions and have two potion abilities. White Mage potion is a handy small healing potion that can mend the bumps and bruises of every Hero within 5 squares and Fire Water is a useful buff for any melee Heroes in the party, providing +1B STR and granting fire. What fighter doesn't love a flaming sword?


Both the Royal Paladin and Ember Mage are available as part of the Classic Hero bundle!

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