Rolling Stars: Saru and Adzuki

Rolling Stars: Saru and Adzuki
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Playing Saru and Adzuki

Today we look at the last two Heroes from Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island, Saru the Clan Yamazaru miko and Adzuki a fierce Clan Inu kaiken.


I will peel the Ijin like so many bananas.

Saru was a playful and care-free member of the Yamazaru clan. She enjoyed the simple things in life and never imagined herself on a grand adventure. That all changed when she met a Sanctioned Witch from a distant land named Lily. Saru and Lily formed a close bond. But when Saru received word that Lily had been captured by Ijin pirates, she forgot her joyous nature and set out to find her friend and get her revenge.

What's on the Card

Saru has mostly average stats with a slightly above average Will of 2R. This is her attack stat, which also means she is good for rolling potions. Although the Devil Island box has a relatively short-ranged Hero party, Saru has the highest range, able to attack enemies up to four squares away.

Her first action is Vicious Taunts, which makes her more likely to hit (as well as roll potions) with an additional red dice, and it also applies Hex to the target. This is an excellent action to get on a Mini-Boss, Bomechan, or even a pesky Oni. Her next action is Get Your Paws Off Me. This is a rather unique action in that it can apply Immobile to multiple models at once, although it does not do any wounds. If you can get this off in the midst of some short range enemies (which the Ijin have in spades) and then move away from them, you can potentially eliminate their ability to attack for a whole turn. Her final action is Monkey Business which allows her to move a token on the dungeon map. This could be used to bring treasure chests closer, move traps farther away, or even move objective tokens around during the Legends campaign.

Her potion, Banana Pudding, is essential against Clan Ijin. It grants Remedy, curing any status effects, which is nice. But its real strength comes from granting Sturdy, which prevents additional wounds from things like critical hits that the Ijin are very good at dishing out.

Saru is a fun, intriguing character with lots of potential if you are clever like her!

Super Dungeon Adzuki


Do I smell dumplings?

Adzuki is a fierce warrior who is guided by his instincts. And he would remind you that hunger is an instinct. Adzuki enjoys the simple things in life: good food, a warm fire, and maybe a shoe to chew on occasionally. Although Adzuki may not take himself too seriously, his enemies certainly do. He is a force to be reckoned with in any battle, and Momotaro was happy to welcome Adzuki on his journey.

What's on the Card

Adzuki has an impressive 2R strength, which also makes him a good Hero for rolling more potions. His Surefoot ability allows him to ignore traverse any dungeon map and get into position to attack.

Adzuki’s first action, Chew to Pieces, increases his damage output while making him more likely to hit and roll potions. His second action, Mark Territory, is his signature action and the one you will likely be the most excited to use. This action can only target spawning points, but it deals a mighty three wounds, allowing it to take out any Ijin spawning point with a single attack! His next action, Sniff Traps, allows him to reveal and potentially discard a lethal trap token. Trap tokens are a new mechanic in the Devil Island box, and we will discuss them more soon! Finally, his potion grants Rampage for when you really need to hit something. This allows him to increase his strength right along with those dastardly Ijin!

Adzuki brings some interesting and unique things to any party, and he is uniquely positioned to face off against the Ijin.

Saru and Adzuki are both available to preorder as part of the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter. 


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