Rotten Pumpkins

Rotten Pumpkins
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Rotten Pumpkins & Tame Gourd

Far out in the fields, the locals have begun to shrink away from harvesting their usually plump and pretty pumpkins.


Super Dungeon Rotten Pumpkins


It’s now that the farm folk of Crystalia need the local militia and some unusually heavy mallets and hammers to go out and harvest pumpkins for their delectable seasonal pies. But when you are craving pie… you do what you gotta do!


The Rotten Pumpkins

It’s quite a sight, long ropey vines strewn everywhere, vomited piles of Rotten Pumpkin mush covering terror stricken townsfolk. What they lack in teeth and claws, they certainly make up for in panic and menace, and that can be just as bad.  Watch your footing, a trapse into the patch could get you stitched into a scarecrow or gobbled up by hordes of angry vine fruit.  


Super Dungeon Rotten Pumpkins


This is a fruit you don't want to see arcing through the air towards you! Toss Me will trigger Volatile after a Throw action has been resolved on a Rotten Pumpkin. The resulting explosion of pumpkin guts will trigger a Melee attack, of 2 Red dice, on any Hero in Wave 1 range.


Super Dungeon Rotten Pumpkins


Similarly, in Arcade, Smashing Pumpkins triggers when a Pumpkin ends it's movement next to a Hero, destroying the Rotten Pumpkin and causing Bane to all Heroes adjacent to it at the time.


Tame Gourd

Sometimes, the vivacious vines that emerge from enchanted pumpkin patches can be trained with nothing more than a pocket of sweets and a warm tea candle set into the fruit’s sloppy jaws. 


Super Dungeon Rotten Pumpkins


Tame Gourds make great pies! I mean Pets!


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