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Royal Academic
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Most academics explore their scholarly pursuits from the safe confines of their libraries, wizards towers, and universities. Not so the Royal Academics! This proud order of mages seek to experience and discover all that Crystalia has to offer first hand!

This adventurer might very well be the best dressed in your party, but when has learning been anything but a formal occasion?


Super Dungeon Royal Academic


Academics are first and foremost Clever, this means that when a challenge card is drawn with a Trap effect, Clever models may suffer a wound to cancel the effect. (No pulling one over on these guys!) Another great special action is Lets Discuss Our Plan, with the boost giving the Academic Leadership. Any hero following the Academic in activating gains an additional action! That is huge!

The Academic can do very well and start to really accelerate once loot starts being divided up. But don’t discount his short range magical attack, with a little bit of recalling lessons from the academy, a Textbook Curse will land a whopper of a hit, and the target will suffer Bane.


Super Dungeon Royal Academic


The student's life is often riddled with decisions with late night cramming sessions bringing the risk of being groggy in the morning. Well, with his Ultra Caffeinated Cramming Potion the Academic can suffer a wound and gain an action this turn. Nice that it can also be shared with his mates but, watch out, that sauce has bite!

Shining more in the late game, the Memorized Healing Potion heals 1 for each spawn point destroyed thus far in the game, a real life saver for boss fights when your chips are down.


Engage In Scholarly Pursuits, Today!


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