Scarlett Cutlass

Scarlett Cutlass
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Those who follow the path of the Scarlett Cutlass are expert duelists, always seeking worthy opponents to test their skills. When the first blade is red, win or lose, it’s off to the taverns to drink and share the exploits of a duel well fought.

Crossing swords in this high seas adventuring, swashbuckling, milk sipping adventure is none other than the Scarlett Cutlass. Pirate and treasure seeker extraordinaire! Today we explore the playstyles and preview some of this heroes amazing skills.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


The Scarlett Cutlass is a fighter through and through. Start of the game, she is no slouch with 3 Blue STR and 3 ARM. But curiously she has a high DEX and a very short range to effectively use her attack. It’s almost as if, it’s not a shooting attack but a precision strike from her deadly cutlass.

She cleverly uses her DEX for special attacks, namely Sanguine Blade, and Top Sail Pounce! With Sanguine Blade, she gains 2 additional Blue DEX, and Heart Strike. This is not only a powerful attack, but also count any hearts rolled as hearts AND stars! Ha ha!


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


With Top Sail Pounce, the requisite +1 Blue DEX is there to aid the attack, but she also gets to Pounce, gaining our feisty feline a 5 square move to bring her into reach. As you progress in your games and give her more and more powerful loot and treasure, you can imagine how effective she can be.

One the occasion you want to hang out in a fight a bit longer, taking a long draught of her Crimson Port potion will provide a Heal, as well as the ability Backstabber. Not that you want to ALWAYS be on your party’s good side, this potion allows you to place wounds on adjacent friends instead of yourself. Typical pirate.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


With this release is also Jawge. This pet shark throws his weight around in a wheeled cart with just enough reach to take a bite out of baddies. With Knockdown, and being Immune to Knockdown, this pet will stay in the fight until he releases his powerful attack Dun Dun, Nom Nom! Making a 2 Red STR attack, he also gains Pounce for another 5 square movement. Who doesn’t want to lurk in the corners of the tile before unleashing his sharky bites!?


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