Scrap Trap: Lore

Scrap Trap: Lore
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The gnomish artificer who constructed Deamonus was cast out from his guild and banished, eventually finding his way to the Undercove. Deep within the grinding bowels of Clockwork Cove he gathered the other tinkerers, artificers, and forgemasters who had been cast aside or refused entry by the guilds. From them, the Scrap Guild was born, and their cruel inventions and Scrap Traps have become the favorites of dungeon bosses looking for extra dungeon security.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


The Gate Crasher

These lunatic constructs can be heard humming tuneless songs that resonate down the long halls of the darkest dungeons. Wary adventurers will keep a keen eye on the ceilings as well as the dark corners, lest they step into the way of the rhythmic crushing attack of a hillsides worth of stone smashing one into jelly.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


In a fit of rage, a perturbed (and often lonely) Gate Crasher will self immolate and explode, scattering Kabombs in a wide area around where the construct previously held sentinel.


The Grim Oculus

While safety features were built into the original design of Grim Oculi to prevent “accidental” laser shootings of passers by, pets, and anthills; tinkerers soon figured out how to disable these protocols. This quickly led to gnomish families creating Grim Networks around their homes to antagonize and settle disputes with neighbors.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


While domestic Grim Oculi’s lasers only caused the equivalent of mild sunburns, outcast Dunces soon upgraded the lens and crystal array to inflict actual harm. This led to the prohibition of Grim Oculi in all the Clockwork Cove. So stay fast on your feet, and watch out for the searing beams of the watchful eye… as it might be the last thing you see.



Cackling gnomes, raving madmen, clever goblins, and more make up the ranks of the anarchic Scrap Guild. Most, despite their crazed brilliance, were considered failures outside the Undercove and so they proudly claim the moniker of Dunce as their fiendish inventions thwart Heroes’ dungeon adventures.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Though small and delicate, the Dunces are prolific dealers of destruction. They will gleefully toss about explosive Kabombs, and should they meet their end, will spill their cache of explodey goodness for other Dunces to exploit! (Or an unwary hero to step upon).



These small constructs pack a real wallop!  Look at their little faces!


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Watch where you step, waking up these slumbering creatures will end in a fireball, a stain where a hero once stood and, perhaps, a smoking pair of boots.


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