SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Bosses

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Bosses

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 1

Dark Kitsune

Some Kitsune are ill-suited for life beneath their clan’s shadowed trees. Dark Kitsune dream of a wider world, and long to see its wonders.  They take their clan’s skills in herbalism and magic with them, of course, and most parlay these talents into lucrative employment. They rarely have trouble finding warriors willing to pay their sometimes outlandish fees.


Super Dungeon Dark Kitsune


This utilitarian mini-boss combines brutal close ranged combat with her giant shuriken. Though, she is just as likely to hit you with it or sweep aside throngs of the enemy with her Wave attacks. Through all that, and ever the cunning ninja, she can use Stealth to keep out of enemy range before launching her own attacks, making her very useful when scouting out traps and “rescuing” treasure.



For centuries, the Tengu have bartered or traded their magical and martial skill to the competing clans of Kagejima. Sometimes they do so for gold, for more offerings at their shrines, or for shiny baubles. Other times the requests are more unusual, such as whispers of love from a beautiful woman, the first wail of a newborn, or thirty stems of saffron.


Super Dungeon Tengu


Do not let its diminutive size make you think it less of a powerful monster. Full of magic and curses, these ebony feathered creatures will punish those laden with treasure and coin.



A horror, a cautionary tale, and a powerful opponent; the spider women called Jorogumo are terrifying and beautiful. They are descended from a witch. Centuries ago, she haunted the rivers and lakes of Kagejima and rescued the unwary or unfortunate from drowning. Full of kind words, she helped them to her home, and gave them dry clothes and warm soup. Slowly, she poisoned them, wrapped them in paralyzing power, and used them for dark and terrible spells.

The magics she worked were too much for the land to bear, and Kagejima itself cursed this wicked woman with a shape that evoked her horrid nature. This terrible judgment carried to her offspring, who came to bear her form and her name. Now they plague Kagejima, luring the unsuspecting into their lairs and pouncing on unwary travelers.


Super Dungeon Jorogumo


Beware this tricky boss. She will ensnare you, poison you and gobble you up without begging your pardon. Should your models start to suffer Poison, she will simultaneously be doing more damage to you while healing herself. She is a right rotten critter to deal with, and buy shoes for.


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