SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Clan Heroes

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Clan Heroes

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 1


While most Kitsune distrust outsiders and prefer to stay in their loamy, fern-shrouded forests, Uzumaki is often the first to greet travelers and offer them warding runes and medicines in exchange for stories of the world beyond. I’m sure it won’t be long before our intrepid Kitsune braves the seas to search out new adventures!


Super Dungeon Uzumaki


With one of the most powerful potions for healing around, Uzumaki is a powerful team player. When not filling his enemies with shards of dark iron kunai missiles, his jaunty taunting is enough to enrage the most stout of enemies only to have whole gangs walk into a wall of flying iron kunai.


Tamamo No Mae

There has always been a Tamamo no Mae. For as long as people have walked the mist-haunted forests of northern Kagejima, Tamamo no Mae has watched them. Few, they freely admit, can resist her enticing call. None, they darkly concede, escape her traps.


Super Dungeon Clan Kitsune


An alluring figure, Tamamo no Mae is able to lay down withering magic missiles and even blast attacks. Though not the equal of a proper sparkle burst, she hits like a falling Kageshima pine.



Karura’s inquisitive nature has led him to tinker endlessly, and he has invented many wonderful things. The latest of these, a contraption of snares, wires, pulleys, and hooks, allows him to fly between trees, cliffs, and rooftops with all the grace and speed of his beloved avian cousins.


Super Dungeon Karura


The arboreal realm is his battlefield. Able to Fly and avoid obstacles as well as Pounce and unleash a flurry of powerful attacks, Karura is a rare and enjoyable hero to challenge the best dungeon delver.


Zenyo Ryu

Among the Tanchyo clan, archery is the highest art of war. Few practitioners of this art are as renowned as the woman called Zenyo Ryu, or more simply, The Dragon. She has learned to build customized ammunition, employing crescent arrowheads for cutting rope, whistling noise makers to signal her friends or soldiers, and long, narrow points she calls fangs for piercing armor.


Super Dungeon Clan Tanchyo


The quintessential archer hero, Zenyo Ryu would rival the Deeproot Elves and Rangers of Crystalia in her bedevilling accuracy and the power of her shots. With the ability to fire off Massive Damage arrows as well as power up her attacks the more Princess Coins having been used, she is an early game and late game hero for players who want position and ranged superiority.


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