SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Clans Kitsune and Tanchyo

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Clans Kitsune and Tanchyo

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 1

Clan Kitsune

The spine of Kagejima’s mountains runs north-north-east from great Getsu-san before falling into the dark water. Along the western faces of these hills and peaks, clouds gather in rolling clusters to pour water on the land below. Dark forests—lush, wet, and fern-strewn—cover the northwest, and travelers brave this moist and mysterious expanse only when in great need.


Super Dungeon Clan Kitsune


They say that mythical creatures walk freely beneath these drooping boughs. The kami of these lands are fickle, mischievous, quick to anger and prone to pranks. They travel far and wide, the stories say, and lure unwary travelers off the twisting paths to unknown fates. These are the lands of the Kitsune clan.


Super Dungeon Clan Kitsune


The Kitsune are powerful mystics and expert herbalists with access to herbs and fungus found nowhere else in the world. They trade their remedies and poisons for the other clans’ wares while keeping the most potent and arcane poultices for themselves.


Super Dungeon Clan Kitsune


The difference between the Kitsune and the kami inhabitants of their dark forest can seem nonexistent. The Kitsune are a relatively open and happy people glad to share friendship with any worthy of their esteem. However, they possess a fickle nature. Their playful behavior can can quickly turn dark, so travelers beware in the lands of the Kitsune.


Kitsune Chunin

The Kitsune Chunin is the leader of the Kitsune Kunoichi. No outsider knows how the Chunin is chosen from the ranks of the Kunoichi, but it is speculated that Kunoichi are allowed to challenge the current Chunin for the title, ensuring that the strongest and most cunning is always in charge. He or she always wears a face covering in battle to protect their identity should they choose to leave any survivors. The Chunin is equipped with the most deadly of the concoctions for which the Kitsune are famed, often using these poisons to coat their weapons.


Super Dungeon Clan Kitsune


The Chunin is a challenging close-quarters opponent for any party, and he also boosts the attacks of all of his fellow Kitsune, making him a deadly threat that needs to be taken seriously. Be sure to dodge their poisoned blades in Arcade or you’ll find your Heroes with fewer actions to use when attacking him back!

On a unique command, he will attack all Heroes within two squares with his Cunning Blade, so don’t get too close! And, of course, he has the signature Kitsune ability, Territorial, which makes his attacks more potent on later dungeon tiles. More importantly, he has the New Territory unique action, which makes the tile he is on count as the third tile for all the Kitsune!


Clan Tanchyo

The north of Kagejima is dominated by vast expanses of sheltering forests and seemingly endless stretches of whispering bamboo. These woods grow both dense and sparse, and are crisscrossed with winding paths, game trails, and faint tracks. Visitors to this dim, mist-haunted place always say they feel watched. They are correct.


Super Dungeon Clan Tanchyo


The spirits are strong and active in this part of Kagejima. Most are connected to the great trees that the locals bind with cord and hang with tamagushi as offerings. These majestic sentinels have seen ages of the world come and go, and they whisper on the winds to those willing to listen. Or so it is said.


Super Dungeon Clan Tanchyo


The Tachyo have close ties to the many spirits of the air and earth that inhabit their forests.  They view it as their sacred duty to defend the deep forest from the encroachment of human culture, keeping it pristine for later generations.


Super Dungeon Clan Tanchyo


Tanchyo longbows are the finest in Kagejima, and their ingenious climbing gear allows them to move through the canopy as though they were born to it. Every man, woman, and child is trained and ready to take up a bow, elevating its use to artistry while preparing to rain death on any threats to clan or forest.


Tanchyo Chunin

The Tanchyo are known throughout Kagejima for their archery skills, and the Chunin are those who have proven themselves above and beyond even their fellow Tanchyo. Each village only has a single Chunin. Sometimes this individual is a hero of a great battle. Sometimes they have proven themselves in an archery contest. But all Tanchyo Chunin are deadly opponents who can single-handedly rain down a storm of arrows.


Super Dungeon Clan Tanchyo


The Tanchyo Chunin is the mini-boss for Clan Tanchyo. She has an impressive missile attack at range six, sending volleys of arrows at the encroaching Heroes. Like all Tanchyo, she has Retribution, and due to the powerful nature of her attack, she will probably be the best choice to make the Retribution attack when the opportunity presents itself.

Storm of Arrows is probably her most useful action, because it allows her to make three basic attacks for only two action points for the cost of a wound! She suffers A wound after taking the attacks, and can even destroying herself in the process!  When she leaves play, all of the other monsters make a basic attack due to her Vengeful Storm ability. Of course, the Heroes will normally be the ones to destroy the Chunin, but the combination of Storm of Arrows and Vengeful Storm means they will need to be very careful about how they dispatch this powerful foe.


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