SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Ronin Heroes

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 1: Ronin Heroes

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 1

Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2 is out and available for pre-order.  Not only that but we're pleased to announce that Yobuko is now, also, available for pre-order!

With the release of Upgrade Deck 2, we wanted to take a look back at Upgrade Deck 1.  This week, we'll be reviewing the Heroes, Clan Spawning Points, Mini-Bosses and Dungeon Boss who's cards were included as part of Upgrade Deck 1.


Moon Princess

Schooled since birth in the ancient, esoteric arcana of her family, the Moon Princess sometimes tires of merely watching the Moonlight Tournament. On occasion, she has been known to pit her own strange and terrible power against the competing warriors. As she has worked to understand the new visitors to Kagejima, learning of their many adventures and trials, she has enthusiastically thrown herself into beating back the dark forces that assail her lands. Enjoying every minute of it.


Super Dungeon Moon Princess


A powerful mage and fighter, the Moon Princess doesn’t delay her unrelenting punishment of WILL powered area attacks with both Cross and Lance. Keeping the princess in your party helps in the long haul, if you have had an increasingly difficult battle, for each Princess Coin spent she is more effective using her potions to heal. Never underestimate the power of her compassion or her ruthless efficiency.



Hanzo has been called many things over his long and storied life: master, teacher, monster. His team won the Moonlight Tournament twenty-two years ago through legendary speed and infamous cunning. He displayed all these qualities in the Sun Empire, but added another—treachery—for the first and only time, a Kagejima shinobi decided to stay with the Sun Court.


Super Dungeon Hanzo


Hanzo has mastered many arts of battle. But the mysterious arts of the shinobi lend to make him a deadly opponent as well. Whether sweeping aside mobs of enemies with powerful Wave attacks or disappearing and switching positions with an enemy model, the cunning warrior would do well to learn from such a powerful teacher.



Devotion to duty is a hallmark of many on Kagejima. For Benkei, devotion to duty is a defining characteristic. While his martial skill serves him well, it is his utter devotion to the Moon Throne that imparts his famous strength and fearlessness. They say that the gods could not move Benkei when he takes a stand in the Princess’s name.


Super Dungeon Benkei


A powerful ally, Benkei deals wholloping damage with his powerful attacks, but combine that with Tough and you have a warrior that just won't quit. The Princess is lucky to have such a dedicated friend and follower.


Sun Empire Wandering Samurai

Ever watchful for weakness, the Sun Empire’s agents can turn up anywhere, and discovering them and sending them politely on their way has become a game among many clans. Of late, though, many skilled warriors of the Sun Court have turned up, and offered their services to interested parties. Such is the cut-throat nature of Kagejima’s politics—especially the prestige attached to the Moonlight Tournament—that they often find those willing to employ them.


Super Dungeon Sun Empire Wandering Samurai


More than just hapless ronin, with the recent visits of foreigners from other lands, even a Sun Empire Wandering Samurai is a welcome sight to some of the more wary inhabitants of Kagejima. The samurai is the very image of the expert duellist. Lance Charge ability combined with fighting prowess and potion Counterstrike makes this fighter a deadly opponent to the Dark Consul. Striking deep into the enemy ranks and creating a deadly defence.


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