SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Akkorokamui, Mizuchi and Yobuko

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Akkorokamui, Mizuchi and Yobuko

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2


Kagejima’s own Ninja Pirate King! Akkorokamui has many ships and ninjas to call upon and has been known to sail far out to sea ranging far and wide to plunder ships and seize the spoils to enrich himself and the Ika. Akkorkamui credits Ika with much of his success as the dark god of the vast deeps rules the ocean with an iron tentacle and Akkorokamui feels he has divine providence due to Ika’s favor.


Super Dungeon Akkorokamui


Feeling out of control? Akkorokamui will literally drag your opponents to face his deadly Whirling Iron. With deadly defence enemy blows might return to their senders, and the Privateer ability helps you and your party grind through more loot. Join the fleet, and raid the dungeons as a proper privateer!



Cutting through the water with uncanny speed, like the silver tip of a spear, Mizuchi has defeated flotillas three times her own numbers and ships ten times the weight of her craft. Serious in demeanor, strategically clever, and ruthless in battle, Mizuchi’s ship, the Honor of Ishika, and a hail of fire arrows, are often the last things would-be invaders ever see.


Super Dungeon Mizuchi


A powerful ally, Mizuchi skewers rows of enemies on her spear with lance attacks, repositions herself after successful defense rolls and has a potion that lends 3 movement for bursts of speed when needed. Mizuchi is an all round powerful character, tons of blue dice to throw for party healing and a much prized ability that renders offensive attacks near impossible lest you are close enough to touch your opponents. Beware the storm!



Tall, strong, and fierce, Yobuko is also young and inexperienced compared to his Ijin counterparts. This blend of natural ability coupled with an, as yet, unrivaled capacity to fight might be the most frightening aspect about him. His power is already so incredible that he is the rival of many of his masters, and he is also constantly testing his mettle against full-blooded oni twice his size to the amazement of all of his clansmen.


Super Dungeon Yobuko


Yobuko is a hardy opponent and powerful mini-boss. With Improved Critical, a green dice in strength, and Tough… you will be bashing it out with this fearsome monster of the Ijin. Test your mettle against a truly dastardly and brutal opponent.  Add Yobuko to your Dungeon, soon!


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