SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Clan Ijin

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Clan Ijin

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 Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2

Clan Ijin

Kagejima is not a land that forgives weakness. Along the western coast, lies the Gulf of Skulls. Swirling currents, blasted cliffs, and violent winds make travel unwise; and the hard-bitten natives are no friend to strangers in their home. Even Clan Ika dare not sail these cursed seas, steering their ships away from the treacherous waters where the sea feels ‘wrong’. In a region of weathered stone and beast-infested wilds, only the hardy Clain Ijin bend the land to their will from their cavernous homes. Every day is a fight for survival and the strength of the Ijin is borne from that struggle – might is right and Clan Ijin will crush any who oppose them.


Super Dungeon Clan Ijin


For the Ijin, all questions ultimately come down to strength, and they value this attribute above all others. In this land, with survival often in the balance, only those with the strength to make the hard decisions and the martial prowess to enforce them can lead.

All life is a fight, and the weak do not triumph. Thus, all positions of authority are attained and retained through combat.


Super Dungeon Clan Ijin


The Ijin make only a few exceptions to their doctrine, but the most infamous are the Void Witches. These mysterious elder mystics act as advisors to the clan’s leaders, and no matter which family controls the Ijin, this rule remains unbroken.


Super Dungeon Clan Ijin


These shadow-touched individuals have proven of immeasurable benefit to the Ijin. They were instrumental in helping to form the Ijin’s fast friendship with the monstrous Oni that inhabit their lands. In truth, the clan has more in common with these creatures than they do with the rest of the Moon Kingdom most of the time.



Few skilled practitioners of any stripe—whether poets, builders, scholars, or swordsmen—can resist a challenge. Some are foolish enough to see Bomechan as such a challenge. A renowned beauty, especially for a daughter of the Ijin clan, her hair falls like a white wave when not pinned by fetching adornments. The swirl of silks as she moves, both entices and disguises. Flecks of amber in her eyes capture the harsh allure of her homeland.


Super Dungeon Clan Ijin


Among all her famous qualities, a pair of iron-spiked tetsubo that stand nearly as tall as she does, and her hearty, genuine laughter as she swings them. Bomechan is always hungry for a challenge, testing her might against any worthy opponent. She charges into battle for the sheer thrill of it, laughing and swinging her massive tetsubo as her enemies cower before her.


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