SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Clan Ika

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Clan Ika

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 Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2

Clan Ika

Kagejima is a large island nation—a short gulf away from the island Empire of the Sun—shrouded in mists and darkness, and protected by harsh seas and terrible sea monsters. Once the veil of the O-Kage is broken, the seas foam and break against the imposing Black Cliffs. The wrecks of the Sun Empire’s armada and failed invasion attempts lie as rotten timbers, like bones of long dead sea monsters, bleaching in the sun at the foot of the cliffs. They are a warning to those that would think to again attempt to invade the O-Kage.


Super Dungeon Clan Ika


In and amongst the dark cliffs that surround Kagejima are inlets and coves with bustling fishing villages. Humble stilt towns with small fleets of equally humble fishers casting their nets, and running the rocky coastline catching the giant crabs that inhabit the shoals and jetties. These are the lands of the Ika clan.

The clan revere, Ika, the squid-like incarnation of the primal elemental force of water, with a devotion that borders on fanaticism and cultism.


Super Dungeon Clan Ika


In a land where paranoia and insularism are a way of life, the Ika are famous for being even more secretive, cryptic, and distrustful of outsiders than usual. Ika stick to their own families and clan, only taking part in the larger politics and power struggles of Kagejima based on mysterious criteria known only to themselves.


Super Dungeon Clan Ika


For all these dour stereotypes the Ika are warm and fearsomely protective once their trust has been gained. The ire of the Ika is like the sea, ponderous, but not to be trifled with. They are also renowned throughout the Kingdom of the Moon for brewing the most potent and delicious Sake. Many shinobi claim this powerful drink makes them better fighters.


Clan Ika Chunin

Aspiring leaders and skilled fighters within the clan are called upon to lead their own teams of ninja. This is an incredible honor, the trials of the Chunin test their leadership, skills and their very spirit to make them worthy of the status they hold. Amongst the Ika, the Chunin accentuate the highest virtues of independence, and the incredible flexibility to meet any challenge, be it the great waves of a stormy ocean, or wading into enemies with their hooks, nets, and blades.


Super Dungeon Clan Ika


The Ika clan sends forth a mighty champion in the form of the Chunin. Taking full advantage of the Killamari rule, this powerful mini boss can deal massive damage, and dish out powerful wave attacks. But beware, your tentacle tokens can be your downfall. (Even if you aren’t from Takoashi) His Undertow ability can lash out and wound heroes or immobilize tentacled heroes, and his Salty rule means he is rolling extra dice in melee against you! Don’t get swept out to sea with this one, the Ika clan chunin mean business.


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