SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Howl and Yip, Shojo and Bakusho Mondai

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Howl and Yip, Shojo and Bakusho Mondai

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2

Howl and Yip

A highly skilled warrior of strange disposition, Howl, and the small child he calls Yip wander Kagejima living the rough life of a ronin. They say, in a past life, he fell in love with a bewitching kunoichi, and she with him. He did not discover her betrothal to her clan’s lord until after their son was born. To preserve honor, he gave up his name and swore revenge on the lord.


Super Dungeon Howl and Yip


As a dual set of unlikely heroes in Super Dungeon, players will love How’s utility. Great front end damage as a melee fighter, Howl can burn additional damage to use his Ravage ability and deal more damage in combat. If Yip is close at hand, that baby’s bottle comes in handy and he can heal as well.



The captain of the magnificent trading vessel, Tako-Tako, is as famous for her wild ways as for her wondrous wares. Shojo loves a party, and she brings one (or more) with her wherever she makes berth. A fearless navigator, she is equally masterful with the sword, which she hastily employs with typhoon fury—so long as the sake lasts, that is.


Super Dungeon Shojo


As a powerful lover of many exotic liquors, Shojo can keep the party going by chugging not just one, but two potions per turn, both in hers, and in the dungeons. With a healthy selection of great abilities to draw from, including healing, keeps her as a strong utility hero with a strong WILL attack, albeit with a short range.


Bakusho Mondai

Bakusho Mondai’s gregarious nature and boisterous personality made him a natural master of festivals and celebrations. He is eager to join raiding parties and lend his dance-kata and fireworks, exquisitely choreographed to the thumping rhythm of taiko drums.


Super Dungeon Bakusho Mondai


Ever the life of the party, no one mixes it up like Bakusho Mondai. Hard to put a hand on him, he slips easily out of reach with a flourish and shouting “WOOOOOO”! His abilities are highly disruptive, able to rearrange models within reach of his abilities, Bakusho often likes to lineup enemies before using his potion to put on a fireworks show they will never forget.


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