SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Musashi, Yokozuna and Kappa

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 2: Musashi, Yokozuna and Kappa

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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 2


For years, Musashi has wandered Kagejima, studying, debating, and fighting with and alongside masters from every school he could find. After some years, he found that he no longer sought to master the sword; he sought to master himself. Since the tool no longer mattered, he abandoned his weapon for a pair of mighty oars. Now he travels on, searching for himself, and refining the art of the wooden blades.


Super Dungeon Musashi


Truly one of the best fighters around, this brave fighter can not only lay waste with his mighty wooden oars, but also lends his keen eye to watch others in battle nearby. Mimicking to the point of mastery, Mushashi can use skills printed on other friendly heroes cards which can add up to some of the most powerful combinations in the game.



Ever eager to help, ever ready with a smile, a kind word, or a joke, Yokozuna commonly hoists an inebriated Shojo onto his ample shoulders. Curiously, he rarely drinks. Rumors say he drank whole taverns dry in his youth without becoming drunk, something Shojo considers a staggering tragedy.


Super Dungeon Yokozuna


A hero who can really throw his weight around, Yokozuna masterfully owns anything within reach of his powerful charges and belly slams. Knock hordes on their backs, smash lines of enemies with powerful wave attacks, and show resilience with a starting base of 7 hearts!



Deep in the wet gullies and shadowy river beds, Kappa are aquatic yokai that hunt the shores of waterways throughout Kagejima. Lurking at the edges of vision, these web handed creatures silently pull themselves through the soft gurgling waters snatching those unaware to drown them in the dark and murky depths they call home.


Super Dungeon Kappa


The Kappa as a mini-boss is a rough opponent to face down. Never taking more than a single damage during battles makes him tough enough, but add that to the Kappa’s curse, immobilizing opponents, and his mighty wave attacks, the Kappa belies his appearance as a sculking oni, and is a brutal encounter your heroes may only encounter once.


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