SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Mochizuki and Komuso

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Mochizuki and Komuso
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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 3


The Moon Court has long worked to maintain and strengthen the peace among Kagejima’s clans. Sometimes, this is accomplished through economics or honor; sometimes, it must be done with death. The island’s clans have fought cover wars for so long that they often understand no other form of persuasion. Thus, the Moon Throne commissioned the Doku Hana Sutajio, a school of all-female shinobi, three generations ago.


Super Dungeon Mochizuki


Mochizuki is the school’s finest kunoichi to date. She eschews her school’s preference for subtle poisons or concealed tanto in favor of the shock and power of paired pistols. Preternaturally swift and silent, Mochizuki is famed for appearing an instant before she turns her guns upon her target in a blaze of flame and thunder, and then vanishing against into the smoke. She has served the royals as messenger, killer, bodyguard, enforcer and even friend, for over a decade.



Most of the monks that wander the roads and trails of Kagejima are peaceful, as befits their order. Marked by the great wicker baskets that cover their heads, and heralded by the haunting sounds of their shakuhachi flutes, these itinerant mystics bring a calm demeanor and wise words wherever they go. This does not make them defenseless, however, as the arrogant or ignorant who believe otherwise quickly discover.


Super Dungeon Komuso


Some monks choose to leave their calm lives and put the magical, medical, and martial skills they acquire in the monastery to use for various groups around the island. Only the basest of such men fight for money, and many Komuso will accept food or supplies, but no other material payment. Instead, they often demand favors, prayers or offerings at certain shrines, or unusual observances. For such simple currency as this, the bewitching sound of their flutes presage something more than calm conversation.


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