SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Ryu and Mizaru

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Ryu and Mizaru
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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 3


As a young boy, Ryu was lucky. He showed a talent and interest in alchemy and was able to apprentice in this profession with his father. They travelled together over much of northern Kagejima, gathering exotic ingredients and conducting business. One fateful trip through the mountains, however, saw them fall victim to a howling group of bandits. Again, in a way, Ryu was lucky. He survived, though he perhaps wished he had not, and wandering Yamazaru monks found him sitting alone, sobbing, inconsolably in the remains of his father’s wagon.


Super Dungeon Ryu


As he grew in their monastery, Ryu showed aptitude for the monk’s martial practices, and he soon became a strong and focused fighter with an understandable hatred for those who preyed on the weak. Upon his maturity, he chose to return to the Tora, and he brought his considerable skills and drive for justice with him.



At age 14, Mizaru lost his sight to a witch’s curse, and his story might have ended there. The Yamazaru’s harsh homeland means that such an injury makes one a beloved liability, relegated to homebound chores. Mizaru rejected that life. He refused to become bitter and focused his anger in learning to overcome his affliction.


Super Dungeon Mizaru


He honed his senses until he could navigate roads and trails by sound and the touch of his scabbard, identifying people by scent, and track any movements by the barest of noise. Many thought it strange when he joined the Yamazaru’s famed scouts, and nearly insane when he became their captain only a few years later. Any who have seen him spar with the best swordsmen, pin a mountain thrush to a tree with his kunai, or run flawlessly through a rocky forest have no such doubts.


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