SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Yagyu Jubei, Arashikage and Onibaba

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 3: Yagyu Jubei, Arashikage and Onibaba
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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 3

Yagyu Jubei

No crest is so despised when seen across a battlefield as the blazing sun worn by Yagyu Jubei. A famed and honored samurai serving the Sun Empire’s imperial family, Jubei had heard tales of the Moonlight Tournament for years before, finally, daring the passage to Kagejima with his Emperor’s diplomats to experience the tournament for himself.


Super Dungeon Yagyu Jubei


Many men in Jubei’s position would be proud, arrogant, or haughty, but this true samurai is exactly what he appears to be: a consummate swordsman, willing and eager to learn. That is part of the bitterness and anger he elicits from opponents. If he were arrogant and boastful instead of stoic and skilled, it would be easy to hate him. But interloper though he is, he commands their respect, and that is what burns the most. He has informed the Sun Court that he will not be returning soon; there is simply too much to see, and Jubei has sworn to discover all her can about combat against the clans of Kagejima.



The mysterious wanderer Arashikage is consumed by his quest for vengeance. it is said that when one sets out for revenge they should dig two graves. For Arashikage this is a simple truth that he has made his peace with some time ago.


Super Dungeon Arashikage


The silent and masked Arashikage has walked Kagejima for seven years on his quest for vengeance. Ever since he witnessed one of his peers apparently murder his Tora master, he has longed to hunt down the killer. For the right price, Arashikage will use his mastery of Fire and Water to help your strengthen your party, but only so long as he feels it brings him closer to his goal of revenge.



Once upon a time, when the Onibaba was still mortal, she would lurk outside of the battlefields of Kagejima and wait till night.  Once the dark came, she would lure stragglers into clever traps, finishing off wayward samurai and other fighters, to descend on them like a ghoul, taking anything of value and selling it off.


Super Dungeon Onibaba


One night, she pulled a finely crafted mask from a fallen samurai, it radiated a dark and powerful aura.  Once she slipped it over her face, in that instant, she was bound to the mask.  Two festering dark hearts, consuming her soul in its entirety.  In no time at all, the once old woman was now a possessed hag, a deathless horror that still stalks places of bloodshed for stragglers to devour.


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