SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 4: Heroes

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 4: Heroes
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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 4

The shores of Kagejima might as well be a world away for most adventurers in Crystalia. But soon it will come to pass, that a new cooperation with King Jasper and the Moon Court of Kagejima will begin to open up new trading and visitation by adventurers on both islands!

Today we introduce you to a few noteworthy souls that have risen in these dark times.



The life of Momotaro is as strange as Kagejima. He was found as an infant, floating down the Sanzu River in a giant peach, by an elderly farmer named Ichiro. With their own children long grown and departed, Ichiro and his wife could find no one to take the strange boy. So they raised him themselves, and they have never regretted it. Impossibly strong, Momotaro grew into a kind-hearted, hard-headed young man with an unquenchable thirst for justice.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


Growing up on stories of predation by the Ijin clan and their oni allies, and knowing that his friends among the Ondori and Inu clans had particularly suffered, he turned his interest and his tetsubo toward confronting that threat. He has led numerous forays against the Ijin, always aimed at stopping their raids or protecting the common folk. Now he has vowed to fulfill his destiny and journey to Devil Island to bring an end to Bomechan and all of Clan Ijin’s wicked ways.



While seldom seen, the Inu are far more widespread than the other minor clans. Their small dorokujin statues dot the sides of roads throughout Kagejima, indicating that one of their hidden villages lies close by. Most people see this as good luck, for the Inu are very protective of their lands and those neighbors that treat them well, always coming quickly to their aid and fighting fiercely in their defense.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


A fierce warrior of the Inu Clan, Adzuki trained intensely as a young pup in the art of tracking and his ability to scent the lairs of monsters—and destroy them ruthlessly—is well known among his kin. Adzuki is hot-headed and impulsive, but a brave fighter and loyal ally. As Momotaro passed through Inu territory on his quest to Devil Island, he was challenged by Adzuki. When Momotaro proved both his unparalleled strength as well as his dedication to eradicating evil, Adzuki happily joined him on his quest. An offer of free dumplings along the way just sweetened the deal!



Hidden in the forests and groves of northern Kagejima, the Ondori clan are more than half legend to most of the island. Those fortunate enough gain the services of an Ondori warrior find they have a puissant and loyal companion. Quiet and composed, Kiji has always felt a connection to nature, often claiming he could smell change coming on the winds. One day, this sense led him to Momotaro who was on a quest to Devil Island.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


The Ijin there had stolen many precious artifacts from Clan Ondori, and Kiji felt that fate had sent him Momotaro to help retrieve what rightfully belonged to his people. Trained in the unique fighting styles of his people, Kiji employees strange martial techniques that often leave his opponents confused and disoriented. During sparring matches, his companions have failed to overcome him in even a single match. As such, Kiji has become something of a senpai to the young adventuring party. His wisdom is frequently sought after by the others—even if it is rarely heeded.


Blind Swordsman

For years, people from every walk of life have employed or assisted this pleasant, helpful blind man. He has worked as a chef, a healer, a tutor, a masseur, and more. Few people know that the exploitative landlords, corrupt magistrates, bandit leaders, and gangsters left maimed, ruined, or slain owe their demise to this humble man. Even fewer know of the blade concealed in his cane, a family heirloom made from a dense, unknown metal that seems to glow despite its matte finish.


Super Dungeon Blind Swordsman


A man who can easily disappear in a crowd may not seem the best choice for a party of adventurers. But if the aims of your adventure is pure of heart and to help the needy, you might just be joined by the Blind Swordsman. This tenacious warrior is quiet, he watches through sightless eyes, and somehow, sees more. His highly attuned sense sees more aspect of the battle than the eye, forcing enemies into rerolls on attack and defence.



Few people have actually met Ishikawa Goemon, but almost everyone knows his name from fireside tales or wanted posters. Though a hunted man as a vigilante of the people, Goemon has fought in the last three Moonlight Tournaments, daring authorities to arrest him for doing their job. None have tried, and this has only emboldened him.


Super Dungeon Goemon


Though a doughty fighter, Goemon’s real skill in a fight has a lot to do with his uncanny sense of where to find the best loot. A party will always end up with the glittering weapons and gear needed to end the threats that lie ahead.


Kunoichi Candy & Stealth Cola

With the launch of Ninja All-Stars, Candy was in Kagejima fever and excitedly put herself to task to learn the ways of the ninja. In her Kunoichi costume, she and her shadowy tailed accomplice plied their secret craft, and worked their way into one of our favorite costume variants of Candy to date.


Super Dungeon Kunoichi Candy


Kunoichi Candy blends amazing abilities to grant flight and move through walls to herself and others in her party, and let’s not forget that distracting costume!


When Evil Looms, Heroes Rise To The Challenge!




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