SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 4: Hidden Shrine

SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 4: Hidden Shrine
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Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 4

The Ninja All-Stars range is full of Hero and Ronin models, that all make exceptional Super Dungeon Explore Heroes. We didn’t want to flood Super Dungeon Explore with a sea of Heroes, straight away. Instead we made three Heroes whose diverse skill sets and focus on particular attributes, when combined with Elemental Affinity, easily represent any ninja model you want to use in your games.


Hidden Shrine Master

The Hidden Shrine Master is the Melee specialist. Seven movement points allow the Master to close quickly with their foe and use their beefy 2 red STR. ARM of 3 blue is average, but choosing Earth as their affinity can make them shed status effects and increase durability.



Tiger Strike increases the Master’s mobility further, while adding a nice bonus to STR.
Ogre is useful for getting models out of the way, or into harmful terrain. Pair Ogre with the Void Affinity for insanity – using its Push move to trigger Predator’s free Melee Attacks. Mwhahahaha!
Valor is, of course, an exceptional potion thanks to its action point granting superpower.


Hidden Shrine Mystic

The Hidden Shrine Mystic is the ninja magic user. An ARM of 3 blue and WILL of 2 blue and 1 red are good starting Hero attributes.



Monkey is a great area effect offensive action, that uses the Mystic’s WILL. Knockdown is icing on the cake, made all the sweeter when paired with Water or Fire affinity for double status effect dealing devastation!
Fox is a board control ability that requires opposed WILL rolls to execute. If the Mystic wins it may move the target 3 squares in any direction. Fox’s low cost of only one action point is very important, making it an easy ability to use for minor positioning while still attacking.
Wisdom brings emergency healing to the ninja trio, Healing one wound and removing all status effects thanks to Remedy.


Hidden Shrine Infiltrator

The Hidden Shrine Infiltrator is the ninja ranged attack specialist. DEX of 2 red and a Missile Attack range of 6 squares, lets the Infiltrator strike from a distance. Air affinity allows the Infiltrator to take safety in difficult terrain and reposition should attacks come its way.



The Infiltrator is also the source of the Hidden Shrine Heroes’ Stealth thanks to Squid.
Crane is a Lance area effect that also provides board control. Hitting eight squares in a line and pulling them three.
Benevolence is a unique potion in that it helps everyone it affects, friendly and enemy, so careful use is key. However, it really shines in large parties of 4 or 5 Heroes who are engaged in bitter battle again Water or Fire ninja minions, or against an Oni……


Wandering Master

But wait, silhouetted on the hillside, a warrior watches us from the road. It is the Wandering Master! As the first Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Hero we concepted, it's fitting we finish our Upgrade Decks by making him available in his final form.



This ferocious hero is a blur of blades with his two swords. With the pop of a potion to gain an additional action, he can lay into mobs of powerful enemies with his Dragon wave attack, leaving nothing but burning embers in his wake.


Pick Up The Wandering Master in SD x NAS Upgrade Deck 4, Today!





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