Sergeant and Mighty Kowalski

Sergeant and Mighty Kowalski
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Sergeant of Winterwatch and Mighty Kowalski

“Sergeant here. Some bad gnoll bites you have there. Don’t worry soldier, I’ll have you fixed up right proper and back to civilization before nightfall. Leave it to me. Woof!” - Sergeant of Winterwatch.


Super Dungeon Frostbyte Pet Pack 1


The good Sergeant of Winterwatch, noble hound and protector of the frosty wastes will cart your loot and help keep you in the fight with his abilities. Should things get vicious, this massive canine can throw his weight around, using Trip to knock down and throw enemies flat on their faces, doesn’t hurt that it also stacks Bane on the enemy when doing so.


Super Dungeon Frostbyte Pet Pack 1


Being the good boi that he is, Sarge can also cart around an extra loot card for you, using Resupply can then equip this item to the hero in an emergency, with the added benefit of adding Heal 2. You know… in emergencies.


Super Dungeon Frostbyte Pet Pack 2


All the penguin chicks look up to the legendary Rinny-Prin-Pren. Some even strive to match his accomplishments. A difficult thing for a penguin. But despite all odds Mighty Kowalski is on the Hero’s path. Don’t you dare call him a “pet”. He’s an “Apprentice Hero”.


Super Dungeon Frostbyte Pet Pack 2


With a few keywords, this fighty journeyman hero has an ability called Snowball Fight. Kowalski can make 3 offensive actions (including his own ranged 4 attacks) if he sacrifices a wound. A flurry of madness when things get desperate. Multiply that with Throw Me a Fish, If a hero starts his turn in an adjacent square, and you can discard a single loot card to Kowalski who turns it into an immediate offensive action. Let’s have some fish!


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