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The Shinigami Approaches!

Few types of Death Spectre inspire such dread as Kagejima’s Shinigami. These deadly specters lure victims into cursed pacts, offering up knowledge of power that inevitable leads to an unfortunate death. Indeed, so insidious and cruel are these pacts that many seek death in order to end the suffering their bargain creates.


Super Dungeon Shinigami


Shinigami's Ghost ability means it ignores walls and structures for the purposes of line of sight and movement. With a move of 8, heroes can neither run nor hide and with a base WILL attack of 2 stars and a Green dice, there is plenty to fear.

Lifesap is a Dangerous Wave attack that will hit any hero AND monster standing next to this the Mini-Boss. Not only that but for every wound inflicted by this attack, Shinigami will heal a wound it has taken previously. When the enemy can sap the very life from the other monsters to regenerate, you know the heroes are in for a hard time killing it!


Super Dungeon Shinigami


Finally, should your heroes WILL fail them and allow them to succumb to the monster's Death Pact, they will suffer wounds whenever they deal out wounds, only ending in the demise of the hero, or the Shinigami!

These horrible ghosts are terrors in the dungeons of Kagejima and beyond. Their terrible abilities drain heroes of their energy and heal the Shinigami in its place. Add this terrifying spectre to your dungeon's denizens today!


Make The Pact, Today!


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