Skeleton Crews

Skeleton Crews
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Skeleton Crews, Literally!

A growing concern the mayors of the Drowned Isle discuss is the ghosts. Almost since its inception, the pirate and smuggling ships have shared the Isle’s docks with their ghostly counterparts. Crews drowned centuries ago regularly show up after the sun sets, seeking relief and recreation just as the living. Residents and regular visitors know that being caught outside after full dark is essentially a death sentence. Only those protected by bargains or in league with the dead can regularly interact with them.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Most business by the docks maintain isolated areas to service unliving clients. A few establishments even cater exclusively to the ghostly crews, though this is hazardous. As unruly as living sailors can be, undead pirates are worse. They care nothing for the health and wellbeing of individuals or the Isle. They tend to be random, destructive, and difficult to please. Places that happily serve them often enjoy a degree of protection, but this is enforced only by hazy self-interest and individual captains. Moreover, many locals dislike those proprietors who focus on the dead; they often find little aid or sympathy when repairing the inevitable damage.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Of late, the undead crews have visited more often and in greater numbers. Since the breaking of the prophecy, ghost ships not seen in centuries have appeared regularly. For the first time, the ships have brought other kinds of undead, mostly zombies and skeletons. No one knows what this portends, but the mayors are not the only people nervous about it. A rising tide of interest in the Goddess has accompanied these changes, and the first temple on the Isle was dedicated only a few months ago. This seems certain to lead to confrontation, but few people believe that anything can avoid that now.


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