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Skuttle Knight
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Pickin’ a Fight with the Skuttle Knight

The Skuttle Knights stand at the forefront of Clockwork Cove’s defenses. These brave gnomes are drawn from the glorious and noble ranks of any gnome who can build or buy their own Skuttler. The Cove’s guilds certainly aren't going to just give some young gnomlet a clicking, clacking, clanking war walker. It’s far too busy selling them to venerable and wealthy gnomes who need mobility assistance.


Super Dungeon Skuttle Knight


The Skuttle Knight is a unique hero, as he is highly mechanized and certainly punches above his weight. His starting stats are great, with high armor and good strength with a bit of reach. Surefoot ensures he is able to move unhindered through the worst dungeon detritus. Should he suffer more than 1 damage in a round of combat, Catastrophic Failure automatically triggers Vent Steam, pushing a searing hot Wave of pressured steam to boil his enemies alive.


Super Dungeon Skuttle Knight


Aside from doing incredible damage with his mechanized claws, he can also push his boiler to its limit and spend actions to get additional movement out of his mechanized walker. Need to hunker down? The Skuttle Knight can down a gulp of his Crab Juice and seal the hatches for an additional Green armor dice until the start of his next activation.

All in all, this versatile and hardy little gnome will be a great addition to your dungeoneering party!


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