Something Sweet for Dungeons Deep

Something Sweet for Dungeons Deep

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Something Sweet for Dungeons Deep

Continuing our celebration of Candy across the continuum of the Sodaverse, Candy has been a spelunker and dungeoneer extraordinaire across all versions of Super Dungeon, and will be a reoccurring resident for years to come.  In this article we look at some of those many guises.


Super Dungeon Brave-Mode Candy


Brave-Mode Candy

Brave-Mode Candy was our second generation of Candy miniatures after Candy’s first, brief appearance as a metal cast miniature.  As a part of Forgotten King, she firmly ensconced her position as a mighty adventurer, and this also saw Cola’s first playable version using the pet rules.  Featuring a pretty good set of starting stats and some great group control abilities, Brave-Mode Candy has been a fan favorite for years.


Super Dungeon Brave-Mode Candy


Kunoichi Candy

With the launch of Ninja All Stars, Candy was in Kagejima fever and excitedly put herself to task to learn the ways of the ninja.  In her Kunoichi costume, she and her shadowy tailed accomplice plied their secret craft, and worked their ways into one of our favorite costume variants of Candy to date.

So much so that we even created some amazing cosplay and real-scale artworks to celebrate the new game.  Kunoichi Candy blended amazing abilities to grant move through walls and flight to herself and others in her party, and let’s not forget that distracting costume.


Super Dungeon Kunoichi Candy


Shadow-Mode Candy

For every bright light, there is a long shadow cast. Crystalia is no different.  As we begin to unravel the secrets of the Consul’s dark realm, more and more of his agents slip through the rift into Crystalia to sow discord and misery in the Dark Consul’s name.

Don’t mistake this dark shadow version of Candy for the effervescent hero we all love, she is dark hearted and rotten to the core.  Her play style is very mobile, starting with a strong strength characteristic, her abilities lend to incredible damage at range and in melee.  And when done, she chugs her potion and can end up right on the heels of anyone else in the party to get out of harm's way… creepy girl!


Super Dungone Shadow-Mode Candy


White Knight Candy

Not to be outdone, when launching Masterclass, we were excited at the opportunity to explore more designs with Candy.  Taking full advantage of high quality resins to reward more hobby focused collectors with miniatures worthy of the name!  White Knight Candy was one of our more recent installments.

For players, White Knight Candy is a powerhouse of useful abilities.  If she is not knocking you down and smiting everything in sight, this super paladin is using amazing aura abilities to lend blessed attacks to her friends, adding to attack rolls!


Super Dungeon White Knight Candy


Brave the Dungeons of Crystalia!


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