Spawn Of Servitude: Gameplay

Spawn Of Servitude: Gameplay
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The Spawn of Servitude, Shackle Me Up!

The secretive agents of Araphel operate as master influencers and control the hearts and souls of many devotees. But for the devotee, it is a frilly, comfortable, and inexorable slide into depravity that captures their souls forever. The tell-tale sign of such a warren to root out is the presence of a Spawn of Servitude.


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


These silky and sophoristic chambers are the summoning point of Araphel's  demonic and Wretched minions. The special ability of these cushioned hideaways is that it has the effect of Shame! Should the Spawn be destroyed, the model that inflicted the final wounding hit is immediately affected by a Compel 6 move.


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


The first among the dark minions of Araphel are the Head Nurses. These flying Succubi wield powerful abilities and a pretty punchy basic range 3 WILL attack. Working in tandem with the Chained Knight and Araphel's abilities to put out status effects on enemies, Overdose is a Range 3 WILL attack that deals additional wounds per status effect on the target hero. If lacking an effective status effect, then the Personalized Concoction places a status effect of your choosing on target within 3 squares.


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


To help the Head Nurses in their duly appointed rounds are the Potion Mistresses. Like their cousin, they are flying succubi, and also have Afflict, which give a target Slow (The selected effect for Mistresses) for each Critical Success they roll. In addition to a basic Compel WILL attack, these dirty mouthed flying succubi also have Obscene Shouts and can Compel enemies from up to 10 squares away!


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


Least amongst the horde, and by dint of their status, the most pathetic of gribbly minions are the awful Wretches. With some pretty basic stats, alone, they are not much to fear, but behold, they Sense Weakness! Should a hero be suffering from a status effect, these horrible creatures gain an additional Green dice on offensive actions against that target.

Interactions and cunning are certainly hallmarks of the Demon Queen Araphel's minions, challenge your party with a spawning point of them today!


Come Serve the Succubi, Today!


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