Spawn Of Servitude: Lore

Spawn Of Servitude: Lore
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Lay Down With Me, You Look Tired.

Succubi serve as Araphel's demonic agents. Their ability to beguile, charm, and bend the minds of mortals make them uniquely suited to achieving Araphel’s aims. Succubi in the service of Araphel often have a Spawn of Servitude to use as a base of operations. Mortals who serve Araphel (knowingly or not) are often lured to a Spawn of Servitude to secure their loyalty, and enjoy the comfy, frilly pillows.


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


In the hierarchy of her servants, the Head Nurses oversee the other succubi, infiltrating and corrupting the moral realms. They pose as healers, luring in those weary adventurers seeking shelter, comfort, and aid for their wounds. All of the things are provided, and soon the patient wonders why they ever have need to leave. AND if the Head Nurse, who saved their life, asks a favor, who are they to say no? Who are they to deny her anything?


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


A Potion Mistress is a succubus with a talent for brewing potions and concoctions. They often serve under a Head Nurse, providing their superior with all the newest and most devious brews. Make no mistake, they are not simple poisoners. Many of their potions have actual healing properties, but they often have a curious side effect of making the patient more susceptible to influence.


Super Dungeon Spawn Of Servitude


At the bottom of the hierarchy are the miserable Wretches. Mortals who fall to the sway of Succubi are always put to the maximum use. No part of the mortal is wasted. While they are healthy and vibrant, they can be used for infiltrations, plots, and to help spread derision. Even as their bodies grow weaker and more frail, they can still serve their mistress. And when nothing remains but the body of the Wretch, a drained husk of what they once were, well, there is always need for cannon fodder.


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