Spawn of Servitude Now Available!

Spawn of Servitude Now Available!

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Spawn of Servitude

Succubi serve as Araphel’s demonic agents. Their ability to beguile, charm, and bend the minds of mortals make them uniquely suited to achieving Araphel’s aims. Succubi in the service of Araphel often have a Spawn of Servitude to use as a base of operations. Mortals who serve Araphel (knowingly or not) are often lured to a Spawn of Servitude to secure their loyalty, and enjoy the comfy, frilly pillows.

The Spawn of Servitude is an all new Spawning Point!


 Black Snow is back in stock!

Black Snow


Wandering the frozen expanses of Frostbyte Reach the outcast noble, Black Snow, watches for signs of the return of the Lich King. He hopes to one day end his watch and return to a life of peace and warmth. He wonders if he will succeed, on this... he knows nothing.


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