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Spider Guild Otaku
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Time To Nerd Out On Arachnids!

It is well known that the servants of the Dark Consul love spiders. But some of them just love spiders… too much. There are only so many spiders one nether elf needs. At least, that’s what most spider guild otakus’s friends would tell them before they got tired of hearing it and struck out on their own. And if one can love spiders, maybe there are more creepy crawlies to love out there to be found?


Super Dungeon Spider Guild Otaku


While this cute fan of all things with 8 legs is around, a hero's party can be sure of one thing, they will be double checking their sleeping bags and boots before morning! The Spider Guild Otaku is a very special Nether-Elf. Always galivanting around with her menagerie of cuddly spiders, she goes along with parties in deep dungeons to find new specime-… I mean friends.


Super Dungeon Spider Guild Otaku


But don’t count her out of the fight as being a silly dawdler, she is Immune to Poison, and can deal out crazy attacks if her spider friends feel threatened. Swarming waves of creepy crawlies, large fanged jumping spiders, all launching from her terrarium, or clothes, or cape, or hat… she really has spiders everywhere.

In a pinch, she can offer aid with her Anti-Venom, which will both Heal and make the target immune to status effects. Bring along this little cutie, and you will learn so many FACTS about spiders! Who doesn’t want that?


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