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The Weedy and Knobby - Introducing, the Spikers

No one ever looked at goblins and thought, now there is a terrifying creature. But there is not a dry pair of pants in the party when that goblin shows up with his friends.


Super Dungeon Spikers


Topically speaking, the endless hordes of greenskins at The Guth's beck and call are ferocious, but their true power comes in numbers. Grabbing weapons, hanging on shields, and biting ankles, these Spikers can be a nuisance with some real punch.


Super Dungeon Spikers


In addition, they help to “feed” their bosses ambition by literally being fed to his war pig, using the Pig Feed ability on the The Guth’s card to lend their boss some real power in a fight, albeit at their own expense. Add to that indignity occasionally being grabbed by the foot and tossed at lightning bolt speed into enemies… the explosive results are not often survivable for our squabbling Spikers, but sure are fun to watch and usually elicit howls of excitement from their own kind, no doubt egging on The Guth to greater feats of cruelty.

So, though their lives are short and brutal, the Spikers make up a special kind of creep that all adventurers should be wary of. Don’t let them gather in large numbers, or you will never again see the light of day.


Super Dungeon Spikers


However, there is one Spiker who stands out on his own. The great Lord Spike Rage believes himself to be quite the hero with his club held high and cloak billowing in the wind. He may have taken one too many knocks on the head but it's best not to try and dissuade him, he's Surprisingly Fierce!


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