Spiteful Cherub

Spiteful Cherub
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Spiteful, Creepy, What More Can You Ask For?

Spiteful Cherubs are the great will of Araphel made manifest. These horrid little minions flitter about her, whispering hateful truths and viscous lies. Araphel uses them as her eyes and ears, but also as her messengers, keeping in constant contact with her Devoted. Araphel is a spider and she uses her Cherubs to spin her web of lies and trickery!


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherub


Heroes should be wary of these obnoxious flying imps. They wield a strong STR attack, fly, and sap heroes in base contact of their WILL, making them easy targets for their Queen's attacks. Further, they can also engage a skill of their own with Go To Her, a range 6 action that testing a hero's WILL in order to Compel them up to 4 spaces.


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherub


Most Spiteful Cherubs are terrible, malicious creatures devoted to driving heroes mad with deadly secrets. So stuff some candle wax in your ears if it pleases you, you don’t want to fall astray and victim to traps and monsters at the mere mention of a flying pest like the Spiteful Cherubs!


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherub


Every once in a while, however, a cherub just wants to say something nice for a change. Make somebody’s day better, you know? It can’t be, “The darkness will claim all you love and your works will be ground to sand,” all the time. Every once in a while a cherub just wants to say, “Hey, you look nice today. And you’re rocking that wizard hat.”


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