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Beware the Tentacles!

Squigglies plague Clockwork Cove. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these tiny creatures are devoted minions of the Dark Consul. They have been used to weaken the supports of docks, clog up the gears of various machinery, and generally be a thorn in the side of any hero who stands up against the forces of darkness.


Super Dungeon Squigglies


Nothing ties down your day like being jumped by a horde of Squigglies! Squigglies is a blanket term given to various squid type creeps that the Dark Consul has infected to serve his evil purposes. Though not terribly strong, if successful with Slimy Hug, they can also inflict Slow, halving a hapless Hero's movement.

Standing short and slumped, these slimy and wet creeps can quickly overwhelm a party with their Grabby hands and tentacles. Models in base contact with a Squigly cannot move on account of Grabby. This is truly a terrible end for any hero, buried under a writhing mass of grabby handed squid-folk.


Super Dungeon Squigglies


Squigglies often let the stronger minions inflict the killing blows so they can chow down on the leftovers! Squgglies love leftovers.


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