Pet Patrol: Squirrels And Slimes

Pet Patrol: Squirrels And Slimes
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Squirrels In Your Pants And Slimes On Your Boots!

As we re-emerge with rules on Creeps in your dungeons, let's get acquainted with some of our first Creeps.

First, we examine the tree running fiends simply known as Rabid Squirrels. Squirrels, having a natural proclivity for evil, ever scheming, have found empowerment behind the cause of the Dark Consul. Hordes of nut hoarding vermin descend in carpets from the oaky trunks of trees to envelop Heroes screaming.  In games of Super Dungeon, these vicious creatures follow the rules for Invader.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Invader: When a model uses an action with Invader remove the model from play and place it on the target Hero’s card. The Invader model may not voluntarily leave the Hero. The Hero suffers the effects of the Invader action as long as the Invader model remains on their card. Only the affected Hero may target or destroy Invader models on their card. The Invader is always considered in range. The Invader cannot be affected by area effects.

When being attacked, Heroes must subtract a whole star from defense rolls if they are suffering from Invader. There are few things more distracting than a Rabid Squirrel in your pants.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Throughout Crystalia, some of the most frequent encounters one can have in dungeons are encountering the many types and varieties of sentient gloops known as slimes. These Slimes get a lot of their character from the nutrient rich soils and molds that they feast upon. Much of which contains essences of the four prime crystals, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and citrines. As Slimes grow up, they take on the strong color of one of these elements and become strongly attracted to items, and sometimes creatures, imbued with their energy. 


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Slimes also follow the Invader rule like the Rabid Squirrels, but for each slime on a Heroes card, they disable the use of any item in that crystal slot. Very hard to fight a boss with your magical loot gummed up with slimes!  YUK!


Fight Off the Invaders!


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